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Chopsaki 8/29/2011 9:52:39 PM

Hey Tommy, I guess it really was Time to Die! Pretty good episode I liked it, nice rebound from last week. I think your point about Alcide turning on the pack is that the writers knew it was headed that way and they jumped the gun. With Marcus & Debbie possibly hooking up it won't be long before Alcide takes over the pack either by his own hand or by Sams gun. I wonder where Sookie and the gang got ported off too...

wish 8/29/2011 10:41:49 PM

I definitely agree Chopsaki, this was a good rebound from last week and I really liked this episode.......except the part about Alcide turning on his pack so quick....... for Tommy?  It just doesn't seem to make sense that he would get that involved so quickly!!  If this revenge thing he's following Sam on isn't a power play move then he's only proving that he's nothing more than dumb muscle.  The Terry and Andy stuff was kinda funny, but  a total waste of time in an episode like this, this is nearing the end of the season and we don't need to give a shit about tertiary characters.  I still liked it, Fiona Shaw is awesome, no better word for it.  Jason is likely to sprout fur before the end, at least I hope so, he kinda finds a way to be an unlikely hero sometimes.  Props to him for nailing Jessica.  That girl is the hottest girl in the world in my opinon.  If this season ends the way it should, then it's gonna be great, no doot aboot it.

thefakejaredk83 8/30/2011 9:19:32 AM

the whole reason for Terry sub plot is that they're setting something up for him next season w/Scott Foley as a member of his old platoon.  Thank god(dess) that Tommy is dead. I'm sorry that sub plot was worthless...the whole I hate/love/hate/love you got old quick. There was nothing for him to do this season and you wanna talk about snap loyalty judgements this was quicker than Alcide's. Although I can see where Alcide would have a problem w/the pack beating the crap outta somethng close to death, he's been screwed over by his previous pack and it seems as though this one isn't any different .  Poor guy but I'm pretty sure he'll be pack leader by the end of the season and Debbie will be dead.  It's kind of tragic to see Eric return and still have feelings for Sookie like he did when he was mind wiped, was a little confused because he was still talking timid, but the moment he said "oh so loveable" I knew that old Eric is back. I know Pam isn't fully cured and I'm sure we don't wanna see her always getting the shots but jeeze fix her already, but it was sweet to see her cry and reunite w/her maker.

One thing: How stupid is Nan and the fact that she doesn't realize Sookie is part Fairie? If she knows all about the lore/history of vamps she's gotta know something about what Fairies are and their powers.. 2 episodes left and we get the bad ass vamps ready to blow up Moon Goddes Emporium up to smithereens..Bring it on!

rogue188 8/31/2011 11:13:19 AM

They should have had Alcide turn on the pack when he finds Marcus hooking up with Debbie. Also, did anyone get overly cheesed out with four vampires getting out of a van with a freaking rocket launcher? Ummmmm....

Also, hey thefakejared83, Eric Northman is 1,000 years old, and he didn't know anything of Fey, so why would Nan?



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