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jerichoraine 9/13/2011 12:50:38 PM

I thought this season was great and the finale one of the better out of the four we've seen. It appears the chick who plays Tera has signed on for season 5 so unless they're playing with flashbacks we'll see that irritating, boring character again. Seriously, they made her a cage fighter AND a lesbian and still couldn't make her interesting. Let her be dead.

Too bad they took out Jesus, he was a great character since he let out his inner demon but I'm sure it'll just contribute to Lafayette being more messed up.

Jason and Jessica are a great pair and it's good to see Jason back in the middle of things. Really thought it was going to be a werepanther at his door, so that was a bit of a shocker.

Edgington is back!! While people mught complain about predictability they HAD to bring him back. He's been the best villain on the show so far.

Bill and Eric go rogue, will be interesting to see where it goes...

Sookie...meh. She's a fairy, there's only so much you can do with that.

lusiphur 9/14/2011 11:00:27 AM

 I expect Tara to stay dead and do cameos by talking (bitching) to Lafayette. 

Loved the Nan death scene.  "WE ARE NOT PUPPY DOGS!!!"  Can't wait for more angry Bill & Eric next season.  They will be badass running up against the Authority.

Little Red Riding Vamp.  Oh. My. God. I think that scene even turned my wife on.

Was angry about Jesus dying.  Seemed unnecessary in the end, but did add a tiny bit of weight to Marnie's actions.  His death I mean, not taking his funky demon mask.  What would be cool is if Lafayette got to keep Jesus' demon power.  I can see him having a stressful day in the kitchen at Merlotte's when Arlene starts harping at him then ...BAM!... he goes all demon faced and she screams then faints.

Oh, and if we're rating the women on the series, I'd put Arlene ahead of Sookie.  And Sam's girl just below Jessica.  Andy's sister would be up there too.  But Jess stays at number one with a wide gap between one and two.

goldeneyez 9/19/2011 9:48:57 PM

Outside of Eric's heart slurpee, I think my favorite scene of the last season was Pam stating how f'ing tired she was of Sookie's fairy va-jay-jay.  That was pretty good.  It usually seems like Eric and Pam go back and forth for best lines of the show.

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