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  • TV Series: True Blood
  • Episode: Never Let Me Go
  • Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Chris Bauer, Michelle Forbes, Alexander Skarsgård, Deborah Ann Woll, Carrie Preston and William Sanderson
  • Written By: Nancy Oliver
  • Directed By: John Dahl
  • Network: HBO
  • Series: True Blood

TRUE BLOOD: Never Let Me Go Review

Fangtastic Origins and Vikings, Oh My.

By Liana Aghajanian     July 20, 2009

True Blood: Never Let Me Go Review
© HBO/Robert Trate


While we last left Sookie shocked at the discovery of another telepath in the midst, this week she grapples to get Barry the Bellboy to accept and embrace accept his, ahem, ability. But that's only the tip of the iceberg for Sookie and her vamp's trip to D-town, where blood suckers, however hard it may be to believe, are of the more ruthless variety.
As Bill and Sookie realize that a light-tight hotel gives them the ultimate luxury of spending more than just the night together, Bill's progeny, better known as Jessica, forms a deeper connection with Hoyt Fortenberry, albeit long distance, but still juvenile in all its characteristics. Meanwhile, Tara, still recovering from an unforgettable birthday part thrown by Maryann, who is still shrouded in buckets of mystery, starts to question the family unit the maybe-maybe not maenad has put together. Sam, whose story line is usually overshadowed, turns out to be involved in one of the more interesting plot points, when he and Daphne discover they have the same shape shifting abilities. Jason, who's still holed up at the Fellowship of the Sun's “Light of Day Institute” starts to train as a Soldier of the Sun, although, Sarah Newlin definitely becomesa bona fide distraction, one that climaxes in a steamy bathtub scene at the Newlin's lavish mansion.
This episode finally gives a glimpse into Eric's Viking past and reveals why the sheriff of Area 5 is so intent on rescuing Godric, the young looking vampire that turns out to be Eric's maker. This little tidbit, along with Daphne and her abilities and Maryann's continued involvement in Tara's life stray far away from Charlaine Harris' original plot lines, but make for interesting fodder.
Though these diversions might possibly be heartbreaking to die hard fans of Harris' books, they don't hinder what Alan Ball is intent on spinning - a sexy, intricate web of characters whose development is strong enough to stand on its own, yet bounces and glides off when interacting with established characters of the show.
Still, there are questions lingering about many others, like Lafayette's involvement with Eric and his minions, or Maryann, who has remained an enigma throughout the season so far – is she, or is she not the mythological maenad who was almost responsible for Sookie's death, (my bet is that she is) and what does she want with Tara? Furthermore, why hasn't Sam inquired about Daphne the Deer's suspiciously familiar back markings and also, what role does Eggs intend to play in Tara's whirlwind and broken life?
The dynamic between Sookie and Bill, although still steamy, shifts, as Bill feels he's losing control over her well being. “You're walkin' in my shoes and its giving you blisters,” Sookie says, realizing his helplessness doesn't mesh well with fangs.
From Sookie and Bill's hotel escapades, Daphne's shifting connection with Sam and Jason and Sarah's forbidden, yet flourishing relationship, the women in this episode are literally and figuratively taking life by the balls.
But beyond the personal relationships, a bigger war is brewing between the Fellowship of the Sun and the undead, one that is will unfold in coming episodes that will surely have both Stackhouses caught in the middle, since Sookie decides to infiltrate the vampire-hating organization to find Godric.
Amongst all the chaos, a sultry woman from Bill's past appears in the mix and gives us just enough fang to throw us off the beaten path. This, it seems, is just one of many tricks of Ball's sleeve – expect more sex, more destruction and more mayhem – but you already knew that.


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ponyboy76 7/20/2009 7:13:31 AM

Another good episode.  I really like the new dynamic between Sookie, Bill, and Jessica. And call me a sucker but the whole little love connection between Jessica and Hoyt is cute as hell and I usually hate stuff like that.
I tell ya though, Hemsworth may make a great Thor but watching Alex Skarsgard play a viking instantly made me think that he would have made a great Thor.

ponyboy76 7/20/2009 8:02:32 AM

Oh, yeah, and the dude who is playing Tara's boyfriend could definitely play a young Black Panther.

jdiggitty 7/20/2009 8:10:16 AM

I totally agree with you pony, about Skarsgard.

I'm enjoying Jessica's character quite a bit but some of the intimacy between Bill and Sookie wore on me  this episode. I found myself rolling my eyes a few times waiting on the next scene. Can't place why, but it might be Sookies tone. Sometimes she seems infantile and self-righteous at the same time to me.

Hope we get some more flashbacks of Eric and Godric.

Bmfstunner 7/20/2009 8:41:03 AM

I'm starting to like the first season a lot more, this season is good, but every episode there is some corny ass love dialogue with Bill and Sookie. I think we all get it with Sookie and Bill, Alan Ball, there in love. I did like the viking scene, I just felt that Eric, for being human wasn't very human.

Of course, in the end, this was just another filler episode. Hopefully we'll start getting some actual answers. I do believe Maryann has an ultimate purpose for Tara and Eggs, I believe it has something to do with Tara's will, that Maryann is after. I'd be willing to bet Daphne is the pig, but I could be wrong, either way she has to be an agent of Maryann. I also believe the fellowship is only adoring Jason to get to Sookie, except for Sarah, she knows the truth and will reveal it to Jason.

The episode wasn't bad, I just hope that the remainder of the season will lay off their weekly love scene with Bill and Sookie. Personally I can't stand Anna, it could also be the character's traits aswell that make me dislike her more, but the rest of the cast is very good.


Kerrith 7/20/2009 10:11:34 AM

I liked the episode.  I didfind the short haired Viking warriors with only beard stubble to be a bit off putting.  From my understanding of Norse culture, a warrior would not shave their beard. 

Nit picking aside, I don't think the Fellowship is using Jason to get to Sookie.  If they had that kind of in depth knowledge of the Stackhouse clan, the kidnapper would have had better information, like a description of Sookie.  I think they are setting Jason up as a patsy for when they start assassinating prominent vampires.  

hanso 7/20/2009 10:37:29 AM

I didn't dig this episode outside of the meeting between Louisiana and Texas vampires.  Also, I expected Godric to be a bad ass, he looked like a little bitch when they showed him.  Maybe his modern version will be better.

Those are some great rewards Sarah gives out.  Where can I sign in for one?

ponyboy76 7/20/2009 1:34:27 PM

Did anyone else notice the Nazi salute Jason made after he jumped the fence?

I don't think that they are setting him up. I think that the are honestly preparing him to be some sort of vampire killer for when they do start striking at them.

And unfortunately, since vampires don't age, Godric will most likely still look like a little bitch, but with an Armani suit.

I agree about all the lovey dovey with Bill and Sookie, but my guess they want to show them happy now, so when it all falls apart we get a comparison,

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 7/20/2009 1:43:13 PM

I think the only reason Sam hasn't asked about her scars is the same reason anybody wouldn't ask about somebody's scars in real life.  I mean if you saw a burn victim, even if you want to know, you're not going to inquire about it.  And by the look on Sam's face everytime he sees them you know he wants to but he doesn't - that's the way it is in real life unless you are out of your mind curious and rude.  Something like that you let the person with the "affliction" bring it up if they want to. I'd see him asking if he had known what happened to Sookie but he doesn't. That's been my reasoning for him not asking.

I don't know but I migt be wrong but have you noticed you don't see Eggs or Maryann's man servant around at the same time?  Hmmm?  Maybe they are the same person - if they are shapeshifters are what not.  I dunno.

What's the deal with the female vampire at the end?  I can't seem to remember her from anywhere.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 7/20/2009 1:47:11 PM

And I didn't think Godric looked like a pussy - I think he was pretty bad asses.  I bet they don't have him dressed in a suit.  I think they're going to do something that accents his "warrior" tribal tattoos or something.  We'll see.  The thing that makes me think he's bad ass, by the way, isn't the way he looks in particular, it's just that I don't think he looks like a pussy, is the way he talked to Eric about how much of a warrior he was, which means that there's probably going to be some bad ass fighting coming up soon.

hanso 7/20/2009 2:00:35 PM

Well Godric probably is a bad ass but  he didn't look the part.  He looked  too youngish in my opinion. 

MrJaw - If I remember correctly, when Maryanne goes to Sookie's house to throw the party, both her manservant and Eggs where there with her.

Also, it looks that vampire at the end was Bill's maker.  Not sure though.

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