True Blood Season 5: Vampyr Tease -

True Blood Season 5: Vampyr Tease

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True Blood Season 5: Vampyr Tease

By Robert T. Trate     May 11, 2012
Source: HBO Youtube

The fifth season of  True Blood is almost upon us. With that, HBO has released a new Youtube teaser featuring a new cast member. The 12-episode new season starts Sunday, June 10. Look for reviews of the episodes to return to Mania in June. Created by Alan Ball and based on the novels by Charlaine Harris, the series follows the romance between waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people’s thoughts, and her boyfriend, 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).



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InnerSanctum 5/11/2012 9:29:51 AM

 I lost interest after season three.  I see they haven't killed off any of the annoying characters.  

Wiseguy 5/11/2012 12:01:58 PM

The annoying characters are the leads so yeah, they're still there.

I quit on this after season 2. I'm actually surprised it's still going but then again there isn't that much quality soft-porn on tv :)

charmer 5/11/2012 7:14:47 PM


They killed Tara at the end of last season.  That alone is worth something, at least (as she was one of the more annoying characters in the show).



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