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  • TV Series: True Blood
  • Episode: Timebomb
  • Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Chris Bauer, Michelle Forbes, Alexander Skarsgård, Deborah Ann Woll, Carrie Preston and William Sanderson
  • Written By: Alexander Woo
  • Directed By: John Dahl
  • Network: HBO
  • Series: True Blood

TRUE BLOOD: Timebomb Review

Godric, Vampire Cat Fights and Boom! Oh My.

By Liana Aghajanian     August 10, 2009

Mania review of True Blood's explosive episode, TIMEBOMB(2009).
© HBO/Robert Trate


Would it be fair to say that tonight’s episode was, ahem, explosive? I think so. In another edge-of- our seat ride through Bon Temps and Dallas, “Timebomb” gave an endearing glimpse into the relationship between Eric and his cherubic yet eons old maker Godric, who was holed up inside The Fellowship of the Sun headquarters before saving Sookie’s life just before things got quite uncomfortable to watch.
After Bill fails to show up to save Sookie from death and destruction, seeing as to he’s being held down by his clingy maker Lorena, she sends a telepathic message to Barry the Bellboy who then relays the message to her vampire – the trouble being that the message doesn’t get through to the right one, or does it? In a swoop, Eric comes flying out the swanky hotel doors to save Sookie and Godric.
Alexander Skarsgard fans were more than likely pleased at the ample screen time Eric received this Sunday and if all goes according to plan, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of him, as a budding relationship begins to emerge between Mr. Northman and Sookie. Frankly, it’s a welcome change as Bill and Sookie’s love connection has gone staler than an old bottle of Tru Blood for a few episodes now.
Eric, however, isn’t the only one fighting for Sookie. After Jason Stackhouse is found wandering in the woods by the paintball wielding Sarah Newlin, who seems to follow the “higher the hair, the closer to God” philosophy of styling, she tells him the Fellowship has a hold of Sookie. Jason doesn’t take kindly to such news and whips Sarah to the ground before taking off with her paintball gun to go rescue the only blood he has left.

Tara and Eggs are a whole other basket. Concerned that they seem to be missing days from their collective memory, the couple tries to figure out what has gotten into them, but not before they inhale a delicious meal cooked by the maenad that never goes away, Maryann. Hey, who wants some heart soufflé?While Tara and Eggs delve into a friendly game of domestic violence, Sam finds a post mortem Daphne in the Merlotte’s freezer, which results in him getting arrested, even though Andy Bellefleur came to his defense.
Poor Andy Bellefleur. You’d think in a world where the existence of vampires is as clear and bright as the daylight they can’t walk in, the authorities wouldn’t find it too far fetched to suspect supernatural foul play. Life sucks in Bon Temps if you’re a boozing cop.
Though “Timebomb” switched between so many story lines that keeping up with all the hullaballoo was rather difficult, it delivered some of the season’s most quotable lines so far – case in point: “I reckon I’ve been to heaven, it was inside your wife,” so eloquently spoken by Jason Stackhouse as he let Steve Newlin know what’s up. In the running, we also have an interesting exchange of words between Eric and Sookie:
“Godric is your maker.”

“Don’t use words you don’t understand.”
“You love him.”
“Don’t use words I don’t understand.”
Taking mercy on faithful True Blood viewers, “Timebomb” reveals answers to two major cliffhangers from previous episodes. As the deadly Dallas vamps bust into the Fellowship gangbusters style to wreak havoc on the humans, the undead world’s own pocket Buddha, Godric, quickly puts out the bloodsucking fire without a single drop of blood shed. And while Sookie and Co. find themselves at Godric’s pad to celebrate this triumphant return home, none other than the merciless Lorena shows up to claim her man, but not before trying to permanently erase Sookie from the picture.  Once again following his “war is not the answer” policy, Godric quells the fight and banishes Lorena from his territory forever.  
And then there’s Jessica and Hoyt, the plot twist that never quite reaches a climax, so to speak. In an unfortunate turn of events (even more unfortunate than Bill catching Jessica and Hoyt in coitus), Jessica discovers that even after she and Hoyt enjoyed each other’s company in bed, she will technically stay a virgin forever, spiraling her to the pits of teen angst. Their refreshing relationship does a True Blood episode’s body good, breaking up the gore and drama with a little bit of love, albeit a little painful for some parties involved.
True Blood always leaves its viewers wanting to fast forward to next Sunday, and this week was no different, as Luke, a Fellowship of the Sun recruit gains entry into the vampire soiree with a special message from Steve Newlin – a suicide mission complete with silver chains and wooden bullets ready to obliterate the nest. Chock full to the brim with crucial plot points and extraordinary takes on characters that are merely mentioned in passing in the Sookie Stackhouse series, things can only get better from here – even if there is a vampire/human war brewing in the midst.


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hanso 8/10/2009 8:56:05 PM

Did I miss when they said why or how Godric was captured? 

JarrodSarafin 8/10/2009 9:18:57 PM

The Why is that the fellowship needed a sacrifice to start the war. The How..You didn't miss it...We still don't know the specifics on exactly how Godric was captured other than he went along with it. As he said to his "son" Eric, he played along with it.

Godric: "I could have killed all of them in minutes...But what would have that proven??"

Unbelievable episode...I'm eagerly awaiting the repeat showing later this morning to watch it again and digest it more. Especially the cat fight between Sookie and Bill's maker where all the powerful vampires sit there and watch in amusement. And Godric comes in and says "I don't know your name. I don't care." Niceeee.

Godric is a new dynamic that I really hope the writers and producers keep around as full time as Eric will be in the near future. I know that Eric will have a central role in season 3 according to Alan Ball so I hope they keep his maker around there somewhere full-time as well. He's unreal.

As if my growing TB fandom needed to grow anymore. Last night's episode has me going from hooked to completely loyal. Fangtastic. :)

JarrodSarafin 8/10/2009 9:32:58 PM

To a degree upon reflection, I guess we can just say the How is that Godric went along with it. He's standing there next to a bunch of idiots probably bored out of his mind.

Fellowship: "We have you!"

Godric: "Ah hell, why not. I have nothing better to do at the moment..."

But the specific How as in the circumstances of how the Fellowship even had the opportunity of capturing him alone outside of his base is still a mystery. Perhaps they'll go into that later.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 8/10/2009 10:39:41 PM

Told you Godric would be badass, Hanso.  He hardly even had to do anything.  He's already one of my favorited characters.  Man - I'm so glad I broke down and got pay for cable or whatever they call it when you get HBO and Showtime, etc.

bennyhill 8/10/2009 11:09:03 PM

I have a sinking feeling that Godric is going to sacrifice himself and grab/speed off with the suicide bomber before he has a chance to blow up the nest (taking the bomber and himself to their deaths in the explosion).  It's a pitty too, because I think they are just scratching the surface with the potential plotlines of having a vampire that old.  But who knows... I could be way off.

Also, why wasn't Andy (the suspended cop) hypnotized by Maryanne's spell at the orgy?  I thought her powers only did not work on super naturals (i.e. shap shifters, or vamps).  Does this mean Andy has a secret power yet to be revealed?

ripum853 8/10/2009 11:42:22 PM

I have a feeling that Godric will die from the explosion, leaving the floodgates open for the more bloodthirsty and merciless vampires.

I've seen a lot of people on other message boards etc. not liking this episode as much.  Whether it be the lack of bloodshed during the battle, or the more preachy talk of Godric and other characters.  I loved it myself though, as usual...but yes, afterwards, I felt very undernurished and wanted more.

Boy do I love the Maryann side of the series though, that is some good creepy television.  I'd like to see an Andy, Lafayette, and Sam team up against her and her brood before Sookie, etc. come back...if they do come back to deal with her that is.


Again, I haven't read the books, so my predictions about what I want to happen are total guesses.  But considering what Ball's changed so far, anything's possible.

JarrodSarafin 8/11/2009 12:13:47 AM

Benny...Ripum...Love the theories even if I despise the fact that Godric will be gone so soon. It really could be that he gave himself up/planned the capture to the Fellowship and plans to off himself as part of it. Or it could be a process of "I'm bored. I'll die and save innocents in the process."

Either way, I'll be really disappointed. Godric is like Laffy for me. So much potential for great future storylines. But I can see it happening. Definitely can see the vamp planning everything.

He kills the fellowship king...allows himself to be captured by the son for sacrifice...but gets sprang at the last moment by his son Eric. He may rethink his previous attitude or not. Either way, it makes for great viewing.

Skroin 8/11/2009 3:54:38 AM

All I can say is that episode was badass. I enjoyed how strong of a return Godric made....and his beliefs of vampires more savage than civilized is sweet. I can't see them doing away with Godric any time soon. With an emergence like this, plus most of the season has been working towards this, I can't see them killing off Godric the next episode after he was just released. But that's more than likely my wishful thinking and hopes that they won't get rid of him so soon. I enjoy his character and possibly seeing how he could reform vampire society.

Also, loved the time Eric got in this episode.

I'm a bit curious about the whole Tarot card scene. I do enjoy the Maryann moments, but i wish they'd hurry up and tell us exactly what her intentions are with Tara and Eggs. The food scene was awesome! I liked what they did with the Maryann, Tara and Eggs moments, but I also like that it wasn't all that much focused on. I think if they would have shown more of them, it would have taken away from the episode. I think the writers did good by this one.....short, gruesome healthy eating and sweet.

But yeah, I'm rambling. Anyways, can't wait for next weeks episode. :)

hanso 8/11/2009 4:30:08 AM

So in other words, they didn't really give Godric a motive to be with the Fellowship.  I only asked, because in the book the Godric like chracter, voluntarily goes to the Fellowship to die.  He was tired of living and going through with the ceremony was his suicide.

I could do without Godric, wouldn't be surprised if he ended up blown up like you guys say.  I don't see why they would stick with the character.  He is the Dallas sherrief and Sookie and the gang are from New Orleans.  You know they are going back and when they do, there won't be a need for Godric.

Also, if old powerful vampires is the reason for keeping him, we won't need him anyway because we are supposed to see the Louisiana vampire Queen this season.

ddiaz28 8/11/2009 5:50:25 AM

Great episode.  My first thought when the show ended was that it would be cool if Sookie somehow could control Luke's mind to stop him from pressing the button.  But she' been in near death situations before and it hasn't happened.  I just thought it would be a sweet evolution of her telepathic power. 

It would be a shame if Godric and a lot of those vampires die from the blast but it would pave the way for some sort of vampire-human war to begin.  That is definitely a direction I could see it going.

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