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True Blood: We'll Meet Again REVIEW

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  • Episode: We'll Meet Again
  • Director: Romeo Tirone
  • Written By: Alan Ball (creator), Charlaine Harris (novels)
  • Cast: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Christopher Meloni
  • Network: HBO
  • Series:

True Blood: We'll Meet Again REVIEW

Who Made Who?

By Joel Rickenbach     July 02, 2012

Believe it or not, True Blood may have finally found a way to make the much loathed Tara interesting. It doesn't happen in this episode per se, but there are the beginning of what could be something welcome and unexpected. Despite this episodes attempt to make everyone realize Sookie is a modern day calamity Jane, there's a much deeper and much better theme at its core- The Vampire family tree. From Godric came Eric, and from Eric came Pam, and from Pam now comes Tara. It's family in a way only True Blood could pull off, and it may be what finally makes Tara something other than, well, angry.
It's interesting, because this episode desperately tries to keep Sookie in the spotlight, but she's overshadowed by just about everyone else. Pam continues to be the highlight of the season. Her scenes with Eric are touching, and her method of parenting is still hilarious even as she actually begins to care more about her progeny. The adventures of Jason and Andy take a turn of the curious as they literally find an invisible, fairy-operated Moulin Rouge hidden in Bon Temps. What's even more interesting is Jason is now treading in what is normally Sookie's territory, and he finally gets a hint that he may not know everything there is to know about their parents.
Unfortunately the majority of this episode feels like treading water. Bill and Eric's search for Russell Edgington is getting painfully slow. So much so that I'm almost hoping Roman uses his new iPhone app to turn these two into piles of goo. Terry and his army buddy Patrick are also on the molasses train when it comes to getting anywhere, although the 4th of July Iraq flashback was rather well done. They give us the set-up of a mystery with Sam, but it's so brief they might as well have just saved it for another episode. It really felt like they were obligated to include him for some reason, and ended up giving him short shrift. My biggest gripe has to be with Lafayette. They need to get a handle on his powers or sensitivities or whatever fast, because he feels like a supernatural catch-all at this point. He's been manipulated or possessed so many times that unless they come out with a good reason it's going to feel awfully convenient that he was around to just "get the ghost" all these times.

Best moment: Roman's face covered in blood. Particularly who's blood it was.
Worst Moment: The horrendous green screen compositing during the Sookie driving sequence.  


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InnerSanctum 7/2/2012 7:18:35 AM

 I think that is Lafayette's purpose now.  I find it frustrating too, but I think he is the ghost medium (instead of whisperer) helping ghosts find peace and guide them to the other side.  Need to solve a unresolved murder case...Jason go see Lafayette, take him to the scene, let him suck in the ghost and take it from there.  I heard Andy's voice in my head as I typed that last sentence.   

TheSilentKiller 7/2/2012 10:53:50 AM



Worth every minute to see that little turd spiked. 

I'm really digging on Pam this season. She's not aging well, but she's funnier than ever, and the relationship with Tara and Eric is almost touching.

Also, I dread to think what Sookie's going to look like next season after Paquin drops her twins.

That is all.

redhairs99 7/2/2012 12:23:43 PM

 SilentKiller, I gotta agree with you.  That whole scene with The Authority at the end, I kept saying "please let it be the kid, please let it be the kid!"


TheSilentKiller 7/2/2012 3:14:21 PM

 Red - IIRC - aren't you letting the side down by denying the hotness that is Jessica? Given your user name, isn't that akin to heresy?

redhairs99 7/3/2012 7:43:54 AM

 Did say something about Jessica?  Didn't think I did, but she is damn hot!

TheSilentKiller 7/3/2012 4:16:51 PM

Ah - my bad. Flaky memory. Your man-card is re-validated.



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