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wish 6/25/2012 5:18:39 AM

I was actually pretty shocked that Sookie confessed to Alcide so quickly, it really changes what I thought would happen and that's cool.  Showing Pam's thoughts in flashbacks was cool, it was a good way of showing her both suffering from Eric's unexplained absence and her guilt for abandoning her first offspring, because cleary Tara is all fucked up and I'm guessing that's a common reaction for some new vampires.  I'm liking the Bill and Eric adventure, it's building up nicely, 3 episodes and we've still only seen Russell very briefly as a very nasty looking monster recovering from an unspeakable torture, they are doing a good job of creating anxiety for his return, at 3000 years he seems to be one of the oldest and most powerful vampires on this show, but they've yet to demonstrate Roman's full abilities and backstory so I'm sure we will find out just what kind of vampires are running the authority. 

I'm liking this season so far!

redhairs99 6/25/2012 8:10:21 AM

 Quit teasing us with Tara's demise!  Just be done with it already and give us the peace we deserve for putting up with such a horribly-bad character and acting job for 5 years!  

Also, that damn kid vampire must go!

I am curious to learn more about Roman, though.  Should be interesting to witness.  

We need more Russell Edgington, though.  

And with the scene where Steve Newlin was introduced as the new Nan Flannigan, did anyone else notice the giant halo over Steve's head?  Pretty blatent, but I still thought it was a nice touch by the cinematographer.

invisage 6/26/2012 6:04:56 PM

I am really liking this season so far. Much better than start than the last season or two, must admit I only been hanging in there because the misses really likes the show. Gone from being a 'I will watch it because is not terrible and the misses likes it' to 'can't wait for next weeks episode'. Kudos to the writers/producers for the swing around.

I think the big thing is that you expect/like some of the goofyness/campness of the show but it does best when it has an interesting plot/characters backing it up.




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