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The True Ending for Battle Athletes Victory

By Kenneth Lee     -

This page details out what was missing in the US release of "Battle Athletes Victory" (TV series). Essentially it was an epilogue-type sequence - a "Where Are They Now?" as fans have called it - that shows what all the major characters in the show are doing after with their lives after the end of the series.

I've managed to grab screenshots from the Region 2 import DVD, and I want to thank Chris Beveridge (great and almighty webmaster of for graciously hosting this page - Fans of Battle Athletes thank you forever, Chris! ^_^).

Intro: This whole ending starts off with a shot of Akari, Ichino, Kris hugging.

bav01.jpg (16684 bytes)

1. Jessie Gurtland: It shows her back in New York, teaching young street kids the proper way to practice Track / running. She's kneeling next to the little kid, showing her the proper starting sprint pose. 

bav02.jpg (21266 bytes)

2. Ayla: She's quietly sitting at home pregnant with a 2nd(!) child. Her husband rushes across the screen in the background carrying their 1st baby who's crying, and then in the next frame she's quieted down.

bav03.jpg (24460 bytes) 

bav04.jpg (24691 bytes)

3. Tanya: She's back in Africa (in the wilds) wearing a cheetah animal skin and carrying a spear. She's racing (and outrunning!) a cheetah.

bav05.jpg (19307 bytes)

4. Ling Pha: Ling is still running away from her grandfather and the Ling Family Giant Balloon of Death.

bav06.jpg (16226 bytes)

5. Anna: Anna's running (or working in) a restaurant now. She's wearing a cute waitress outfit and her little sister (or was it older?) is working with her now, but she's freaking out (almost spilling some food) as a handsome, young, blond-haired guy walks in: Jacky Bryant from VIRTUA FIGHTER 3! (No Joke - you only see his back, but he's got Jacky's hair, and he's wearing Jacky's patented leather jacket (same design and everything)! Very funny.)

bav07.jpg (25003 bytes) 

bav08.jpg (25147 bytes)

6.Lahrri and Mylandah: Both of them are quietly sitting in a library, leaning against some bookshelves studying some books. Both are wearing very elegant, lady-like clothes, with Lahrri wearing an formal, Old English-type blouse.

bav09.jpg (19629 bytes)

7. Yumika Karashima (female Doctor for the students): She's attending a friend's wedding, wearing a beautiful elegant, blue evening gown. She catches the bride's bouquet that was thrown, but it shows her fumbling it and dropping it!

bav10.jpg (24171 bytes)

8. Ichino's Little Brother: He's on a Quiz Show and it shows him getting excited and swinging at the Osaka News Reporter (the one who reported on the events in many of the episodes). The Osaka Reporter seems to be the host of this Quiz Show.

bav11.jpg (25165 bytes)

9. Eric (Mr. Miracle's traitorous assistant): Eric is sitting quietly in his new medical clinic... for ANIMALS! There's a bear, a horse, a dog, and a goat, sitting there waiting for treatment, and they all have Akari's cute bunny-ears-type hair!

bav12.jpg (23537 bytes)

10. Grant Oldman (Headmaster for the school): He's standing proudly (in his traditional Japanese outfit) riding atop a WHALE in the middle of the ocean!

bav13.jpg (15999 bytes) 

bav14.jpg (17126 bytes)

11. Then it pans to the newly built AKARI KANZAKI MUSEUM! There are lots of school girls attending / visiting the museum. Then the tour guide - dressed in the original track uniform used by Akari and friends, also wearing a "Bunny Ears" hair piece - shows off their greatest monument: An Akari statue with all 3 versions of her Akari House! Hahahaha (it's so cute)!

bav15.jpg (16680 bytes) 

bav16.jpg (19467 bytes) 

bav17.jpg (22723 bytes) 

bav18.jpg (22950 bytes)

12. FINALLY, it shows Ichino "Itchan," Kris, and then Akari all running (with Akari in the lead, of course) - all wearing cute, regular "normal girl's clothes" - in a giant field next to Akari's house. They are running towards a giant "GOAL" sign that is painted into the field behind their house.

bav19.jpg (20007 bytes) 

bav20.jpg (20751 bytes) 

bav21.jpg (12044 bytes) 

bav22.jpg (12682 bytes) 

bav23.jpg (15917 bytes)

The End.

** Oh, BTW, this DVD also includes an Awesome "ILLUSTRATION GALLERY Volume 8" version! (that means there were 7 other Illustration Galleries on each of the other DVDs) with sketches and art from Battle Athletes!


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