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TRUE LIES 2 not coming as soon as thought

Schwarzenegger busy until next year

By Christopher Allan Smith     January 31, 2002
Source: Cinema Confidential

Uber action maven, James Cameron

In an interview with Cinema Confidential, Arnold Schwarzenegger indicated that the often talked-about TRUE LIES 2 is not coming as fast as thought. Over the last year, it's been billed as James Cameron's first directing gig since 1997's TITANIC. Well, while Cameron supposedly has the script done, Schwarzenegger is busy.

"I'm going to go away for a long time to do TERMINATOR [3], and it's not my style to go away again so quickly and do another huge movie," Schwarzenegger said. "I like to do one movie a year at the most."

That puts TRUE LIES 2, which was to have begun shooting later this year, into 2003. That'll also put Cameron's next directed movie seven years after his last, admittedly huge, hit.


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