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Tsubasa OVAs Blu-ray Bound?

Madman sets Australian Blu-ray release

By Chris Beveridge     October 04, 2010

Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelation
© FUNimation

In a case of now you see it, now you don't, Australian anime distributer Madman Entertainment had a listing on their business page regarding a planned release in early 2011 for the Tsubasa OVA series, Tokyo Revelation. The OVAs have been waited for from fans as they take the series in a darker direction than the TV material did while being handled by anime production studio Production I.G. which gave it a similar but distinctly different feeling in design and structure. FUNimation acquired the OVAs previously but has been silent about their release. Madman's page, which has since been removed, listed it as a planned Blu-ray release which makes sense considering the two TV series and the double feature with xxxholic have gotten Blu-ray releases in the US. The next round of solicitations from FUNimation are for January so we may see an announcement for it this month.



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