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  • Art Rating: B
  • Packaging Rating: A-
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Released By: Del Rey
  • MSRP: 10.95
  • Pages: 208
  • ISBN: 0-345-47182-2
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Tsubasa Vol. #02

By Megan Lavey     February 08, 2005
Release Date: September 01, 2004

Tsubasa Vol.#02
© Del Rey

Creative Talent
Translated by:Anthony Gerard
Adapted by:

What They Say
Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona venture to the Hanshin Republic to find one of the missing pieces of Sakura's memory, transformed into magically powered feathers. There, Syaoran meets his "Kudan": a fierce wolf-spirit whose fiery power mirrors Syaoran's personal strength. But with foes like a pop idol who sings words of pain, Syaoran's hunt for feathers is no child's game! And even if he finds the feathers, will Sakura ever wake up from her magical sleep? And since Syaoran bargained away their relationship in a pact with a witch, can their love ever return to the way it was?

The Review
We get Syaoran and his Kudan on the cover here in a gorgeous, but busy color portrait. A faded monotone picture of Fai and Chi is on the back and it's pretty cute. The inside has the normal features in a Del Rey manga - ads, extensive liner notes and a teaser to another CLAMP series featured in Tsubasa but not published by the company (X here, or X/1999 since they use the Viz term for it.)

You get a range of art styles in CLAMP works, ranging from extremely pretty in Cardcaptor Sakura to pretty rough in works like Suki: A Like Story. Tsubasa falls middle of the road here. It feels like the characters are stuck in that awkward age of puberty where they are very lanky and gangly. After seeing some of the characters featured in works like CCS, it's a bit of a shock to get used to the new style. Reproduction here is solid, without the slight fading that went on in the first volume from ink rubbing off.

Del Rey provides what seems to be an excellent translation here with the SFX subtitled.

Content (may contain spoilers):
Syaoran's in a pinch as his Kudan faces off against Shôgo Asagi. Asagi's Kudan uses water while Syaoran's uses fire. But Asagi quickly departs from the scene and Syaoran discovers that his Kudan resides inside them. The schoolboy that they helped informs the group that they've essentially entered into what I term a Pokémon-type world where people use their Kudan to fight each other to see who's strongest.

It's here that we see the full effects of the different dimensions that the group travels to as they encounter Touya and Yukito. But it's not the Touya and Yukito that Syaoran is familiar with as the king and High Priest of his country. And it's not the Touya and Yukito that fans of Cardcaptor Sakura know either. Instead, it's their counterparts in another dimension, driving home a point Yuko made back in volume 1.

Meanwhile, Syaoran becomes a target for other people wanting to have him and his powerful Kudan on their side. This gives Kurogane his chance to shine as he charges in to fight and also reveals his own Kugan, which takes on the form of a sword - convenient since he gave his own to Yuko. As the search for the feather continues, Fai's Kudan comes out as well, giving all three of the wanderers weapons to use on their journey.

Most of the volume centers on the Kudan and their various uses, explored as the team retrieves the feather they were looking for - including a fun battle with Primela and a humorous commentary on her fans. The highlight of the volume is toward the end when Sakura finally wakes up. It's an incredibly powerful scene and it's made reading the first two volumes worthwhile as Sakura questions who Syaoran is and he has to lie to her and says he's a complete stranger.

At the end of the first volume of Tsubasa, I found that it wasn't quite living up to the hype it generated at the beginning when fans were excited about seeing Sakura, Syaoran and other beloved CLAMP characters again. But the end of the second volume has me actually caring about what happens to Sakura and Syaoran and it's my concern for this couple that will keep me interested in this series. But I found myself growing bored during the scenes that did not center on the couple and hope that with Sakura now awake that there'll be more solid scenes to come. But other than the handful of scenes between them, I just find it hard to get excited over this series.


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