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Mania Grade: B+

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  • Art Rating: A
  • Packaging Rating: A
  • Text/Translatin Rating: B-
  • Age Rating: 15 & Up
  • Released By: DrMaster
  • MSRP: 9.95
  • Pages: 226
  • ISBN: 1-59796-072-2
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Tsukihime: Lunar Legend Vol. #03

By Matthew Alexander     October 25, 2006
Release Date: June 26, 2006

Tsukihime: Lunar Legend Vol.#03
© DrMaster

Creative Talent
Translated by:Michiko Nakayama
Adapted by:Ailen Lujo

What They Say
Shiki has destroyed Nero Chaos, but the vampire victims seem to be increasing in the city. Is this Arcueid's doing or is there another vampire around? We all know Arceuid is a blond bombshell vampire, but who is Shiki's high school idol Ciel and his sister Akiha? Find out their true identity as they all scramble over Shiki.

The Review
Nero's dead and Arcueid seems to be gone, but the vampire-like murders continue. Shiki is determined to get to the bottom of this so he begins to search for Arcueid. She eventually turns up at his school to thank him again for his help against Nero. Arcueid explains that the murders still taking place are because of another vampire called Roa. Shiki tags along with Arcueid to search for Roa, and begins to learn more about his special ability to see the killing spots on people when he isn't wearing his glasses.

Shiki's older classmate Ciel begins to snoop around Shiki's past. She meets with Shiki and asks him a lot of questions about his family. The dynamic between Shiki and his classmates is interesting and comical because of the strange love square it makes (actually if we include Arcueid then it becomes a pentagram). Ciel is interested in learning more about Shiki, Shiki seems to like Ciel, Shiki's classmate Arihiko definitely likes Ciel, and the cute yet shy Yumizuka has a crush on Shiki. The banter among them helps to lighten the darker mood between the scenes of Shiki and Arcueid vampire hunting, or whenever Shiki's sister Akiha is involved in anything. Akiha is just plain creepy.

This volume explains a few more things about Shiki and his powers and the fact that Ciel seems to be some kind of vampire hunter for the church. However, the biggest mysteries still remaining are why Arcueid is really trying to kill all the non 'True Ancestors' vampires and just about everything about Akiha's character. Akiha is the teenage head of her family, even though Shiki is her older brother. She also goes out late at night, which coincides with the vampire murders. Then to make things even more mysterious, on the very last panel of the book Ciel confronts Akiha and calls both Akiha and herself 'Variants'. What the hell is a variant? And why do I have to wait so damn long for the next volume?

Third times the charm. The packaging for volume three is quite good. The tone is perfectly solid through the entire book, the cover lacks those annoying bubbles from earlier volumes, and there are color pages at the beginning of the book. The text for the titles on the front and back covers are a cool metallic silver color, and the wrap around covers for this series continues to be among my all time favorites. The lower grade for the 'Text' is because of a fair number of grammar problems.


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