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Tucci Ready For Trouble

By Rob M. Worley     February 06, 2002

Post productionwork is underway on Shi creator Billy Tucci's indie short film SomeTrouble of a SeRRious Nature.

Tucci's beenbusy editing the movie as well as working up promotional materials. "I havethree more days of shooting. I keep expanding it," Tucci told us. The comiccreator and filmmaker sent over the poster artwork for both Some Troubleand the making-of documentary Any Damn Fool.

"The documentary'scoming together nice," Tucci said, "and the trailer's funny as hell. Ishowed it at a Long Island Film Foundation meeting and everyone startedcheering."

Tucci plans tohave the film completed on April 1. He then hopes to screen it at air shows andall the major film festivals. "We're gonna make a DVD out of it and a videotape. The DVD will have some stuff from the comics in there, storyboards. Wewant to load it up with as much stuff as possible."

Both the VHS andDVD copies will have the film itself as well as the documentary.

Tucci shot SomeTrouble late last year on Long Island. It stars Brian Finney (TheAdventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle) and Andrew Finney (Let it BeMe) as two hapless country boys who come into possession of aF4U-4 Corsair war plane and the misadventures that ensue.


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