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redhairs99 3/19/2013 12:15:01 PM

 I thought Sinister was one of the creepiest horror flicks I've seen in a long time.  That said, there were a few things that I would have cut from the film that detracted from the rest of the film.  



The scene where Hawke with walking through the house and the ghosts of the childrens are running around behind him and such was just lame and hurt the overall feel/tension/horror of the film.  I also would've cut the film's ending.  

I'm trying to recall exactly as it's been a few months since I watched this, but the ending just was dragging on and on and could have ended once the daugther does her thing.  No need for her to join the other kids in the "films" and all that crap.  I think they even tried to squeeze in one last scare, but I felt it would've been more effective to cut it short.

I think the B- would be an apt grade.  Would've been a solid A if they would've trimmed the above.  Still very creepy, edge of your seat type flick when Hawke is doing all his research and watching those 8mm snuff films.



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