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snallygaster 10/31/2005 2:10:03 PM
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Kristen Kreuk's performance in last week's Smallville. I don't expect great performances on most TV series I watch, so if a performance is lackluster, I usually don't notice it. But Kreuk's acting last week was embarrassingly cringe-worthy. But then again, the plot was so inane it made the Season 1 freak-of-the-week episodes seem brilliant.
mckracken 11/2/2005 1:23:15 AM
Animaniacs and Tiny Toons will, unfortunatly, never see the light of day (at least not in complete seasons) and honestly I dont know why Warner Brothers animation favors VHS over DVD for their cartoons. but honestly, who's the ONE guy waiting for Time Trax and Tec War? thats like waiting for The Chronicle to get here... holy shit... Booger as the pig boy? You gotta be shittin me. Max Headroom and Strange Luck I am waiting for, but then again i said the same thing with Kolchak the night stalker and STILL havent picked it up. (maybe thats because I'm unemployed?) GvsE, hmm would anybody in the general public even remember this title? not only did it switch titles, but it also started on Sci/Fi then switched to USA and I think lost its audience. TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GHEEESH ABC get up off your ass and release this SHOW NOW! (I liked Tales of the Gold Monkey in case anybody had trouble figuring that out.) what about James Coburn's epicly shitty 'The Darkroom' (thats ABC again trying for family horror.. giggle)
mckracken 11/2/2005 2:50:10 PM
wow... ok I want both. other cartoons shows I wouldnt mind having, Mighty Orbots, Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, Thundarr the Barbarian. somebody please help me remember the name of a Time Traveling starring an adult male and a little boy, seems the series got cancelled when a russian roulette game gone bad killed the main star in a freak accident.. remember that? what WAS the name of that show? anybody...
mckracken 11/2/2005 2:51:23 PM
i think it would be funny if FOX released a box set called "all the friday night shows we've ever canelled!"
mckracken 11/2/2005 8:58:29 PM
thank you Lister!!! yes it was Voyagers... I always assumed that Hexum died on the set with a prop gun while filming that series... I could be wrong though. so doesnt anybody want this series on DVD?
mckracken 11/12/2005 11:40:40 PM
screw the new stuff, somebody in Frys electronics pointed out that classics (like Hawaii 5-0?) are not yet on DVD!!! what was the other classic 70's detective shows he mentioned? (the guy said I probably wouldnt know it because I was too young, but I totally know Hawaii 5-0 and recognized the name of the series when he said what it was, I said "thats NOT on DVD yet???"
mckracken 11/12/2005 11:50:45 PM
oops my bad.. it was Rockford Files that he mentioned... by the way, I'm 36 (I kinda thought it was odd it would say I was too young, but oh well its still not on DVD yet either!!) oh wait.. season one comes out Dec 6th!


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