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TV Producer Joins Marvel As Writer

Writing PUNISHER and SPIDER-MAN stories.

By Rob Allstetter     October 26, 2001

Marvel Comics' THE PUNISHER
© 2001 Marvel

Ron Zimmerman, a supervising producer of V.I.P., a consulting producer of 7th HEAVEN and a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show, will be writing PUNISHER and SPIDER-MAN stories for Marvel Comics.

Zimmerman is writing PUNISHER #8, which goes on sale Jan. 9.

In what Marvel calls "could be the wildest Punisher epic yet," Zimmerman examines what a vigilante does when he runs out of scum to kill. Traveling back in time to '30s Chicago, the one-man-army sets out to obliterate the greatest criminal empire in American history.

"It takes a particular kind of madman to write The Punisher," says editor Stuart Moore. "In no time flat, Ron came up with a brilliant idea for the character."

The "Taxi Wars" story arc, by Tom Peyer and Manuel Gutierrez, will now begin in PUNISHER #9.

Zimmerman is also writing a TANGLED WEB story called "Double Shots" for early next year.

"Ron wrote ACTION - which happens to be one of the best TV shows ever - so when I found out that he was a comic fan, I knew I wanted to work with him," says editor Axel Alonso.

"His dialogue is spot-on, lean and mean and loaded. Double Shots is set in the infamous bar with no name, where super-villains gather to pound beers, lick their wounds, and let off steam. And what do these three guys who happen to be super-villains talk about? Well, they bust each other's chops, compare penis sizes - metaphorically - and talk about what interests them: work and girls."


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