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justin76pa 11/25/2008 2:59:31 AM

Wow, look at all the comments!

I was pretty impressed with the episode.  I'm only upset by one thing: Have to wait until January for the next episode!


By the way, 2 excellent characters on the show: Martian Manhunter & Green Arrow.

DGEKSTROM 11/25/2008 8:30:53 PM

I already stated this in another thread, but I just find it odd that Doomsday will be fighting an underdeveloped Clark and not Superman.  I mean, if Clark keeps kicking every major villain's ass, who will be left for Superman (I kid of course)? 

Plus, how could Clark still have that chunk of Kryptonite when Bizzaro already sapped it of it's energy at the start of season 7?  I could very well be overlooking something, but if not, that is one major oversight.

jorson28 11/27/2008 5:12:27 PM

According to Kryptonsite, it will be revealed that Lana is only being kept alive by something being done by Luthorcorp, so given the hairdo seemed a bit fake, I don't think the last shot was of Lex being hooked up to tubes but of wires.  Also, rewatch the episode and you'll notice that the figure is actually too slight to be masculine and, besides, why would Lex be watching Chloe's wedding tape? 

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