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TV Shows and Movies We Want to See as Video Games

Just a few games we want to see made

By Troy Roberts     July 28, 2002

Everyone has a favorite movie or TV show that stands out as something that should be made into a video game. Sometimes I'll be watching television or a movie and I'll think "You know this would make a great game. You could do this, and this, and find this, etc". And since these columns are usually about something that is on my mind at the moment, here are just a few movies or television shows that I believe should be turned into video games.


Yeah, yeah, I know. It's an old one. But hey, there has only been one TRANSFORMERS game released, and it was based on that crappy BEAST WARS series. So I think it's time for one based on this great, classic movie. You should be able to control Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Hot Rod through multiple levels based on the movie. Smooth transformations are a must, and if the transformation between robot and vehicle could be woven together with no slowdown, this would be a great game.

RUSH HOUR 1 and 2

You've got two movies out already (with a third on the way), one hilarious black man, a Chinese guy who can kick ass, and there isn't a video game about this yet? Jackie Chan released a successful STUNTMASTER a few years ago, so a game based on RUSH HOUR should do very well on the market. Get Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan to come in and record new lines, animate them for cut-scenes, make it a 3D action game, and you've got a hit on your hands.


Now this is truly a classic movie. Who wouldn't want to control a young Kurt Russell? Well, a lot of people probably, but this would still make a great movie. It has tons of action, and watching the movie is I would think playing the movie would be fun also. Get a good developer on this, and I'm sure it would be a blast to play.


Okay, now I know a SURVIVOR video game has already been released...but it sucked, so it shouldn't count. So here's what I propose: a game based on SURVIVOR where you can create your own character, his or her attributes, strengths and weaknesses, and log onto an internet server that connects you to 15 other people wanting to play. You play it just like the television show, and to win challenges, you have to work with your teammates by clicking, or doing something faster than the other team. Plus, tribal council would be much cooler if you can actually team up with other people on your team to form alliances.

Now, if only we could get around to making a game based on that RESIDENT EVIL movie...I'm sure that would do well on the market.



Steel Battalion

dominated the sales charts for the second straight week...Ubi Soft announced that SPLINTER CELL will be released for the PC this December... Simon and Schuster announced FARSCAPE for the PC has gone gold... The Japanese version of STEEL BATTALION has been delayed from August 22 to September 5.


CRAZY TAXI 3, from Sega and for the Xbox, was released this week... SEGA SPORTS TENNIS, also from Sega and for the Playstation 2, is being released on the 30th of the month along with the MARK OF KRI from Sony and ENCLAVE, from Conspiracy, for the Xbox.

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