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TV Tinkering

TV series and movies getting altered. moved, or bumped.

By Frank Kurtz     September 13, 2001
Source: Variety

The cast of 24
© 2001 Fox

Hollywood is back working, and in the television biz, they're looking to avoid sensitive issues.

As previously reported, CBS' upcoming THE AGENCY, focusing on the CIA is causing some concern given its subject matter. Now, word comes that one of the program's episodes may be altered or simply shelved for references to Osama bin Laden. In fact, the program's pilot looks unlikely to be screened at all due to this situation.

Current plans are to air a later episode that will be tweaked to establish continuity points established in the pilot.

While talking to Variety through a spokesperson, the program's executive producer, Shaun Cassidy, commented on the matter, saying, "The world's a very different place today than it was. We will have to make some adjustments."

Meanwhile, Fox sounds like it may be pressing forward with its groundbreaking 24 TV series.

Elements of the series, which takes place in real time over a 24 hour period, including the explosion of a jumbo jet. However, Fox believes that the program focuses on the characters rather than the situations those characters are involved in resolving.

A source at Fox gave the trade the latest word on the series, saying, "The storyline is not at all related to the events going on right now. We don't see it as a problematic situation. But we'll keep our fingers on the pulse of the country to see where we are a month from now."

Meanwhile, the network has pulled all promotional ads for the series.

Fox has also chosen to pull Monday's broadcast of their original action-thriller TV movie THE RATS. The film tells the story of hordes of rats threatening to run rampant in New York City.

In its place, the network will broadcast a repeat of THE NUTTY PROFESSOR.


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