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mike10 6/19/2011 2:23:50 PM

Looking forward to watching some good television starting with Falling Skies tonight.

Wiseguy 6/19/2011 5:22:21 PM

After tonight's finales of The Killing and my fave Game of Thrones I think I'll need a few days before I can watch anything else without noticing how everything else on tv is just dwarfed by these 2 giants.

Thank God for on-demand and tivo so I can catch up later on


fenngibbon 6/19/2011 5:47:55 PM

No mention of Battlestar Galactica on BBC America?

amjiva 6/19/2011 7:07:38 PM



Best show on television. That is all.

isgrimner 6/20/2011 8:49:06 AM

I still don't get how they'll cover shows like Wilfred and Burn Notice, but won't touch any Adult Swim stuff.  The Venture Bros. is totally genre and totally awesome.  Granted its not pushing new episodes right now, but even when they do it gets no love. 

fatpantz 6/21/2011 12:57:40 AM

Or Archer, which is a comedy 007ish cartoon...but whatever.  Cant wait to watch the premier of Wilfred.  Same Aussie actor so i will be expecting a lot of drinking, bong hits and dog on cat fornication...lmao...I really hope this lives up to its original. Also only a few weeks until Breaking Bad starts back too!!

isgrimner 6/21/2011 9:07:47 AM

I don't mind that they cover a few other things, as my interests are broader than genre. I just wish they would cover some of the genre stuff they are overlooking.

I agree Archer is great and would think it could be covered here as well.   And I will be checking Wilfred out too.



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