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6dra6on6 11/8/2011 2:58:15 PM

Boxing... Are u serious? It's hanging on but dying a slow, painful death. In the old days anyone and their dog knew who the heavyweight champ of the world was. Now, most people have no clue. But ask them if they know who GSP, Couture or Valasquez is and they will answer with a resounding YES! TUF is a hit tv show about MMA fighters. What was that similar one about boxing called? Hmmm... where did IT go? Know one watched it.

Also, u don't see any boxers in the Expendables 1 or 2 do u? Lol! Yes, that was a joke. 

MMA is the fastest growing sport right now - without swords and the hacking of body parts. Boxing is going to need the swords and hacking of body parts to be resurrected from the dead, my friend. It's just simple; MMA has more action and more going on than boxing.

Anyway, no hard feeling, Hobbs. Ur opinion is urs and mine is mine and we can agree to disagree. Ur still one of my favorites who post on here. Besides, u obviously like Calvin & Hobbs and that makes u cool.


Hobbs 11/9/2011 5:40:05 AM

Yes we can agree to disagree 6dra and like I said it wasn't a personal attack on you so thanks for not taking it that way.

I totally agree with you about boxing and we could go on and on about how Don King wrecked the sport and it prime for a comeback some day.  I'm an avid sports person and I have no idea who Couture or Valsquez is and just to give you an idea, I hate NASCAR don't watch it but I still know the most famous names of that sport are. 

I've been hearing for the last 15 years how the man loving sport was going to be the tops some day and I'm still hearing that.  So my belief is that you guys had your chance to fill the boxing void and didn't do it so it's time that boxing made a comeback.  Though sadly I realize that isn't going to happen till Don King dies.

6dra6on6 11/9/2011 8:51:47 AM

Yeah, I hear ya there; Don King killed it. On the other hand I still believe MMA will rise up much further. It's just going to take a little more time  but it will get there.

I have to tell u, ever since Bill Watterson decided to retire and stop doing Calvin and Hobbs I haven't picked up the funny pages since. I really miss those two...

LadyBrowncoat 11/9/2011 12:58:16 PM

 Still have to catch up with last week's Nikita!

hanso 11/9/2011 1:38:09 PM

 Lol, Hobbs you crazy little man you.  This ain't the 80's early 90's.  Don King don't matter no more in boxing, he has close to zero boxers that matter.  I can't even name one off the top of my head.  Top Rank & Golden Boy Promotions are the biggest promoters in the game right now.

Boxing in America is not dead though it is a niche sport just like MMA.  Boxing is more mainstream right now. UFC only has one guy pulling in over one million PPVs buys and that's Brock Lesnar, probably cause of his WWE fan base.  Boxing has Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao doing one million plus pretty much each time they step in the ring.  

Also, I wouldn't call The Ultimate Fighter a hit show.  First, it airs on Spike and second, it's pulling like 1 million viewers on average.  The Contender (Sugar Ray's boxing show) pulled in bigger numbers than that and it got canceled on NBC.  TUF wouldn't have lasted on NBC either.

As far as the fights go, I do agree that MMA sometimes turns kind of gay.  I didn't use to watch it cause of it, but when the fights are standing up it's dope, and when they go to the ground to actually do something like looking for  a submission it's cool too.  I love watching guys pass out cause they won't tap out.

The thing I really like about MMA or I should say UFC is that the top guys are always fighting each other.  It's easy to do since they are all under the control of Dana White, so fans get good matches.  In boxing, with so many different promoters and sanctioning bodies it gets to be a f.u.king mess to get the best guys to fight.


Hobbs 11/10/2011 5:33:10 AM

I miss Calvin and Hobbes as well.  I've always been associated with it because of my name but it helps the comic strips rocked.

hanso, Don King is still hanging around and he did so much damage to the heavy weight division that I don't know if we'll ever see it recover.  Kinda like what George Bush and Barack Obama have done to the country, they f'' it up so bad who knows when it will turn around. Damage has already been done even if they are no longer around, same iwth Don King.

6dra is right, I couldn't name the top heavyweight fighters out there.  Mayweather and Pacquiao are the only thing keeping boxing in the general publics eye but it's still not the heavy weight division.  I do believe the heavy division will make a comeback but there needs to be one title, not 35 or however many are out there now and the champ should be forced to fight a top 10 boxer every 4 or 5 fights.  They should want to do that but I realize in today's age that's not going to happen because they want to fight the no names to make the extra cash.  Just like our country this can be fixed someone just needs to start making the right decisions.

karas1 11/10/2011 6:27:00 AM

First off, I'm not a fan of Boxing or of just about any professional sport.  But I have this to say.  What boxing and the MMA need are interesting personalities.  Where was golf before Tiger Woods?  Nobody cared about golf.  Then Woods arrived and dragged his sport into the limelight. 

Back in the day, boxing had athletes with charisma, people to root for.  Now, not so much.  Who's going to watch a match with John Doe vs Joe Public?

I saw this Manny Pacquiao on 60 Minutes and he might have the star power you are looking for.  If you want the heavyweight division  to become popular again you need a big fighter who has what Pacquiao has in the personality dept.

Wiseguy 11/10/2011 7:04:18 AM

Nah, we just need a true knock out artist and real rivalries not these media and sponsor orchestrated feuds. We have a lot of personalities in boxing, that won't get you anywhere if you're on your ass most of your fights.

I like the UFC but having Dana White  with as much control as he has hurts the sport too. The biggest fight in a decade was Fedor vs Lesnar and it didn't happen cause White IMO wanted too much control over Fedot at the time. Now they both lost their titles and it's an afterthought.

The thing about mma to me is that too many of the fighters are just bar brawlers, tough guys for sure but no skills and simply looking to land a haymaker. Like hanso said when they're looking for submissions or actual skilled fighters it makes for some good fights.

Wiseguy 11/10/2011 7:42:26 AM

Oh and let me add that having some of those knock out artists boxing needs  be Americans is also key. Boxing like some other individual sports is about nationality, so you want major American interest we need good American fighters. Unfortunately today most good young athlete gravitates towards other professional team sports

I also watch the Ultimate Fighter, always liked it. Something about fighting for your future and the threat of elimination usually makes for better fights. But over the last couple of seasons it has turned into a contest of pranks whcih I tend to find more annoying than funny, it's especially true this season with Bisping being such a douchebag. Hate that effer and glad that his shite talking boy akira got put to sleep last night

6dra6on6 11/10/2011 8:05:46 AM

Dammit, Wiseguy! I haven't watched the episode yet and u spoiled it!!! Lmao!

I train in Orem Ut with Court Mcgee, Ramsey Nijem and even this season's Steven Siler.I have to tell u that the training and level of skill at the Academy/Pit Elevated far surpasses that of the simple brawler (two show winners and a finalist!!!). There is actual technique to learn from the stand up to the clinch to the going against the cage, on the ground etc, etc. I mean, there's a lot to learn and work. If any of u were training in MMA u would have a much greater respect for the fighters and the sport. Agreed, Dana White has too much control in some aspects but he does keep the sport exciting and gives us matches that we want to see - for the most part.
The real reason the Fedor v Lesnar match didn't work out is a money issue. White didn't want to pay Fedor what he was asking which was more than he was makiing with Strikeforce. It wasn't a lot more but it was more than what Lesnar would've gotten. I think Dana should've bumped them both up and gave us the fight.

Anyway, boxing was good back in the day but I believe MMA is the natural evolution in fighting sports.

Still... I can't stand Terra Nova and I've given it so many chances too. I'm really disappointed because it has so much potential and they squander it away. The network really needs to get rid of Braga and Echevarria(sp). Then it may actually get better.


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