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TV Wasteland: Fringe Renewed

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TV Wasteland: Fringe Renewed

The Fox staple gets a fifth and final season

By Rob Vaux     April 29, 2012

Like a lot of Friday shows, Fringe has flirted with cancellation for several seasons now, putting fans through a wringer of expectation and anxiety before somehow staying alive to fight another day. Now, finally, all those doubts have been laid to rest. Fox announced that the show will receive a fifth and final season next year. It hasn’t exactly set ratings on fire lately, but its loyal fanbase and undemanding Friday slot gave it a chance to flourish without undue creative restrictions. This fifth season announcement means that the runners can plot a proper exit strategy and give the fans the sense of closure they deserve. It also suggests that Fox has learned at least a few lessons since their dreadful treatment of Firefly, and that shows with a loyal following can at least hope for a decent chance. Grats to Fringe, and may it close in a way that properly rewards its viewers. 
Fringe airs at 9:00 PM Friday nights on Fox.
Eureka (Syfy, 9:00 PM EST)
Beverley Barlow returns to Eureka, and asks Carter to help her save the Astraeus crew.
Lost Girl (Syfy, 10:00 PM EST)
Bo investigates an apartment complex whose residents have all apparently gone mad.
The Day After Tomorrow (FMC, 8:00 PM EST)
What is it with Roland Emmerich and goofy weather patterns anyway?
Priest (Starz, 9:00 PM EST)
Good production values and Paul Bettany’s presence lend this cheesy comic book adaptation a certain watchability. It’s not good by any means, but at least it won’t bore you. And I’m hoping someday that a director’s cut will show up, because I suspect it will be much better than the version we currently have.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (FX, 7:00 PM EST)
Who doesn’t love watching Angelina Jolie shooting large guns at… well, anyone?
Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files (Syfy, 9:00 PM EST)
The team travels to England to investigate images of alien abduction and a fiery serpent to determine whether or not they are complete bullshit.
The Matrix (AMC, 8:00 PM EST)
There is no spoon… if only there weren’t any commercials either.
Avatar (FX, 8:00 PM EST)
It changed the way movies were made… though with the 3D market crashing and theaters increasing ticket prices to make up for the gap,  that’s not necessarily a good thing.
TRON: Legacy (Starz, 9:50 PM EST)
Legacy actually did some very interesting things with 3D. It also looks better in 2D than Avatar does.
Ghost Hunters (Syfy, 9:00 PM EST)
The team boards the USS Yorktown in search of ghosts of the sailors who died onboard.
The Matrix Reloaded (AMC, 8:00 PM EST)
Would this have been better if the third film had followed through with its promise instead of utterly destroying it? 
The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 8:00 PM EST)
Howard has to deal with his very scary father-in-law when his NASA mission forces him to put the wedding on hold. At least he has the ultimate safe place to flee from the man’s wrath.
The Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8:00 PM EST)
Klaus and Elena attempt to flee town, only to be thwarted by a new foe.
The Secret Circle (The CW, 9:00 PM EST)
Prom! It’s prom! OMG, it’s going to be so cool! Until someone loses a crystal thingy or something, then it becomes a bummer.
The Matrix Revolutions (AMC, 8:00 PM EST)
All together now: what were they thinking?!
The A-Team (Cinemax, 10:00 PM EST)
A fun and funny remake of the old 80s TV series. Liam Neeson is the engine driving it all.
WALL-E (Disney, 8:30 PM EST)
Pixar’s modern classic is as fresh and appealing today as it was when it was released four years ago.
Green Lantern (HBO, 8:00 PM EST)
DC Comics really needs to do better with… well, with anyone besides Batman at this stage.
Dreamcatcher (Syfy, 8:00 PM EST)
I haven’t seen Lawrence Kasdan’s latest film – his first since this 2003 disaster – but judging by the reviews, Dreamcatcher may have broken him as a filmmaker.
Fringe (Fox, 9:00 PM EST)
Now renewed for a fifth and final season, Fringe runs the first of a two-parter in which David Robert Jones threatens the existence of both universes. See the top of the article for more.
Grimm (NBC, 9:00 PM EST)
A rich old woman dies and her stepdaughter may have something to do with it. As they say, it’s an old story…
Nikita (The CW, 8:00 PM EST)
Nikita and Ryan argue about whether to ask for the CIA’s help in thwarting Percy’s latest plan.
Supernatural (The CW, 9:00 PM EST)
A teenager becomes a religious figure after being struck by lightning while Castiel reawakens.
Collateral Damage (AMC, 8:00 PM EST)
Schwarzenegger’s career was already on the wane when he starred in this dreadful bit of silliness about a fireman out to avenge the death of his family. It didn’t help matters much.
V for Vendetta (BBC America, 9:00 PM EST)
James McTeigue struck out with The Raven currently in theaters. He did better with this adaptation of the famous Alan Moore graphic novel.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Cinemax, 7:20 PM EST)
Worst comic book movie ever? Yeah, you could make that case.
Iron Man (FX, 7:00 PM EST)
If, for some inexplicable reason, you’re not watching The Avengers tonight, you can catch the blockbuster that started it all. It replays again on Saturday and Sunday.
The Prestige (IFC, 8:00 PM EST)
Christopher Nolan is on top of his game in this exquisite tale of rival magicians whose conflict takes them both to the brink of damnation.
The Green Mile (Showtime, 8:00 PM EST)
Frank Darabont scored a critical hit with this overly long but very capable adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Michael Clarke Duncan received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of a doomed inmate with supernatural powers.
Hancock (ABC, 9:00 PM EST)
ABC more or less surrenders the evening with this fair-to-middling Will Smith superhero story.
Treasure Island (Syfy, 7:00 PM EST)
Syfy unveils a new four-hour version of the redoubtable Robert Louis Stevenson classic. Trying to class up the joint after one too many screenings of Dinocroc, I suspect.
Game of Thrones (HBO, 9:00 PM EST)
Jon needs to prove himself to Qhorin, while Joffrey meets his subjects in a meeting that I’m sure won’t be unpleasant for anyone involved.
Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8:00 PM EST)
Regina conceives of a new plan to get rid of Emma, while Snow White plans to save Prince Charming in the fairy tale world.
Your Highness (Cinemax, 8:15 PM EST)
The sooner this turkey exits premium cable, the better.
Thir13n Ghosts (Syfy, 7:00 PM EST)
Nifty production design and some very cool ghosts make this horror remake a bit of unpretentious fun.
One Missed Call (Syfy, 9:00 PM EST)

This remake of a Takashi Miike J-horror film, on the other hand, sucks balls.  


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jppintar326 4/30/2012 4:36:31 AM

When I was watching Supernatural the other night and they played "I'm Walking on Sunshine" on the soundtrack, I thought the Winchesters went back in time to the 80s.  They didn't but that's okay because it was an okay, if not great episode.  By the way, how many times has "I'm Walking on Sunshine" been in a movie or TV soundtrack?  Does the singer and songwriter make a lot of money on all these royalties?  Isn't it odd that they make all this money from this one hit wonder and yet Whitney Houston died nearly broke?

jedibanner 4/30/2012 5:44:58 AM

Green Lantern is way, wayyyyyyyyyyy worst then LOEG in my book.

karas1 4/30/2012 6:12:13 AM

The question is not how much money did Whitney Houston make?  The question is how much did she spend?  Some people get a little money and save it or invest it wisely and have plenty to cover their modest needs.  Some people get a lot of money and buy diamond encrusted golden chalices and do drugs and throw lavish parties for 1000 of their closest friends and end up owing 10 times more than they could ever make.

Wiseguy 4/30/2012 7:21:22 AM

The more I watch GL the more I like it. Yeah it isn't great but it's decent enough after you adjust your expectations. I wish I didn't have to qualify it in such a way but I do enjoy it....mostly

Same exact thing goes for Wolverine and I actually think that Kitsch did a nice job in his small part as Gambit.

Have to agree on LOEG, terrible film. And I rarely say that about films based on comics, man that was bad.

millean 4/30/2012 8:02:14 AM

Wait, so does that mean that Wiseguy like the Green Lantern movie more than Nolan's Batman?  (Shaking my head in disbelief...)  :)

For the record, I do kind of like the GL movie.  I do acknowledge that it could have been a lot better.  (So I guess you can call me Captain Understatement, I suppose).

LOEG was OK to so-so in my book, but I never read the books.  My worst comic book movie would have to be... well, it's a toss-up between Jonah Hex, Superman III, & Batman & Robin (Catwoman doesn't count because it couldn't have possibly been based on a comic book).


hanso 4/30/2012 1:31:27 PM

 Jpintar, Rick James said it best yo, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug."

jppintar326 4/30/2012 2:00:26 PM

"Crack is whack" is what Whitney Houston said.

I agree that if you lower your expectations, Green Lantern is okay.  On the other hand, I had higher expectations for X-Men First Class and was disappointed.

countzenith 4/30/2012 2:39:38 PM

Superman 4 the quest for peace is the worst comic book movie.  But I have to admit that I have not seen Catwoman or Jonah Hex.

I'm Walking on Sunshine is probably dirt cheap to use being am one hit wonder.  That's why everyone uses it.

Yay, we now know Fringe's fate and don't have to speculate anymore.  Just leaves Supernatural for my Friday pvr.

zalder 4/30/2012 3:28:03 PM

I wish fringe had more seasons to develop I mean it is such a better show than any of the competition for scifi/fantasy on T.V. right now.  It is light years better than supernatural which gets buy on the hunkiness of its stars rather than actually interesting stories.  Sigh...

RobertTrate 4/30/2012 9:31:11 PM

 Jonah Hex was so terrible that the other 3 people I was with fell asleep. I alone was lef tto tell the tale of how horrible it was. 



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