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hanso 10/29/2012 5:21:23 AM

 Yo, wtf happened to the box office report?  

hanso 10/29/2012 9:15:02 AM

 Once Upon A Time Spoilers***

OUAT has been really good this season.  I really liked the Captain Hook episode and the changes made to his story (Rumple as the crocodile) worked and they still managed to set Hook & Smee on their way to Neverland.  Hopefully Peter Pan shows up soon.

Last night's episode wasn't as good (I didn't really care for the Storybrooke stuff) but I dug that Dr. Whale turned out to be Victor Frankestein.  His world was black and white too which I thought was a nice touch.  Hopefully this means we'll get Dracula and some other monsters down the road.

I liked the way the show ended with the beanstalk and can't wait for next week's episode with Hurley as the Giant.  We need more Lost actors in this show.

jdiggitty 10/29/2012 3:08:42 PM

 Ryan Reynolds did it before Ray Stevenson (Blade 3 and X-men Origins)

Are we not getting reviews for Alphas and Fringe? Why haven't we ever had reviews for Alphas anyway?



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