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fenngibbon 12/17/2012 1:39:39 AM

 Which Casino Royale is it?  I ask because I don't think I've ever seen the Daniel Craig version on BBC America.

SarcasticCaveman 12/17/2012 2:17:03 AM

 That 1994 Miracle on 34th Street is a TRAVESTY.  Just awful.

doublec 12/17/2012 2:21:56 AM

 Actually Tom Hardy didn't play a Romulan, he played a human clone adopted by the Remans, but why quibble...
And I'm glad to see I'm not the only person to like the 1994 Miracle on 34th Street. In fact the remake is probably my all time favorite Christmas movie. The original is no question the better movie, but I like the almost fairytale version of Christmastime New York the remake creates. Sets a nice hioliday mood.

SarcasticCaveman 12/17/2012 2:37:48 AM

 I'm sorry, but the "In God we trust" ending of the 1994 travesty just sucks.  Doesn't hold a candle to the classic 1947 where the post office delivers all the letters addressed to Santa Claus to the court house for Kris.  A judge ruling that a usually invisible thing is real based on "In God we trust"?...they should do a movie where an Oregon judge rules that Bigfoot is real, or a New Jersey judge rule that the Jersey Devil is real.  Just stupid.

lazarus 12/17/2012 3:23:04 PM

Okay I am curious. Why the F*CK does Rob use a Futurama pic in this when there is NOT ONE note about the show in the listings? Is there a Futurama Christmas special or something? Otherwise it is a damn dirty tease Rob. Stop it.

SarcasticCaveman 12/17/2012 6:51:24 PM

 For my Trekkie peeps out there, (I'm ASSUMING it's the Patrick Stewart one because it's being shown on TNT - no cast info was provided on my cable provider guide) looks like Friday night/Saturday morning at Midnight, TNT is showing the Patrich Stewart "A Christmas Carol"...I actually prefer the George C. Scott version, but come on....PATRICK STEWART!



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