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fenngibbon 3/4/2013 2:56:11 AM

 Why doesn't Archer ever get mentioned in this column?  

cinemaman72 3/4/2013 7:04:42 AM

Good Question!

jackwagon 3/4/2013 9:21:25 AM

Re: Knowing

My money is on the moment where Nicolas Cage slaps a tree with a bat in order to show off how tough he is.

mellowdoux 3/4/2013 10:13:43 AM

 Knowing went off the rails... well... pretty much on the day Cage was born.

millean 3/4/2013 3:19:44 PM

Somebody seemed to be in a surly mood when they wrote this...  Very few positive things to say.  However, a lot of your points are quite valid.

However, I rather liked Underworld Awakening.  Admittedly, I liked the ideas they presented more than the execution, but I would like to see where the semi-planned sequel of this one would have gone.

Not mentioned above is the Joe Schmo Show on Spike (nor should it be, for that matter, but I'm still going to talk about it).  This one hasn't been the best of the different seasons, but I love the concept and humor of this series.  Take an average schmo off the streets, screw with his head, show everybody how good of a guy he is, and then give him a bunch of money when you're done.  Hope they make more seasons after this!  :)


Mayhem101878 3/4/2013 10:20:02 PM

I agree with you millean about Joe Schmo it's such a good concept I saw the first two seasons and was glad that they brought it back.

I'm a little confused about the King of the Nerds I thought that they were only down to the final 4 and not three last I saw it was Ivan, Celeste, the hot looking Danielle, and Geniveve. When did they loose the 4th one? Or did you just put in the description for next weeks?

millean 3/5/2013 7:30:49 AM

Yeah, I think King of the Nerds is down to 4 contestants, not just 3.  However, I do believe that this upcoming episode is still the finale.  (Heard them tease it that way on a promo a couple of weeks ago, if memory serves me correctly.)

So Mayhem and I must watch all the same TV shows...  :)




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