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SarcasticCaveman 9/24/2012 1:31:17 AM

I might have to give 666 a try...Terry O'Quinn is all kinds of awesome.  And "Kung Pow" is hilarious.  That's fact, not opinion. :P  But seriously, I find it to be hilarious, but I understand that it's following is pretty cultish...LOL


doublec 9/24/2012 2:05:42 AM

 The Exorcist is absolutlely a classic, but the greatest horror movie of all time isThe Bride of Franenstein. 'Nuff said.
Independence Day will never be considered art but for those of us who can leave our pretensions at the door it's the most entertaining invasion movie ever made, by leaps and bounds.

Try judging Apocalypto on its merits as a film instead of on how much you wanna follow the herd and hate on its director. You might be surprised.
And while Neowhovian certainly offers a unique and comprehensive look at Dr Who Mania sure has dropped the ball. What happened to the reviews? I guess it's not like it's the longest running, most popular scifi show in the WORLD or anything...

jedibanner 9/24/2012 5:19:37 AM

Rob...thank you for saying ''reboot of the apes franchise''...finally someone at Mania who gets it.

Interesting to see what this new show with Terry O'Quin will be like, will certainlly look at it.

doublec, I love Apocalypto and I find it very easy to judge it on it's merrit since not everyone is blinded and a tool in tagging Mel Gibson, many still like him for what he's done and what he can do.

At least Big Bang starts this week.

moonsunne 9/24/2012 6:06:13 AM

 Haven premier was 9/21

Wiseguy 9/24/2012 9:47:00 AM

Caveman I agree wholeheartedly on KUNG POW. That shit is hilarious. It's one of those films that the second it's brought up a smile comes across my face.

Apocalypto is one of those films that every time I run across it playing on tv I have to stop and watch it. Awesome, awesome film

I wouldn't go as far as calling Daredevil great but it's definitely very good despite the lead and co-lead

mike10 9/24/2012 10:10:31 AM

A Thousand Words stank a lot less than Murphy crap like Norbit. At least he only played one character in this movie, at least I think he did.

hanso 9/24/2012 12:02:43 PM

 How about them Emmys?  Can't believe Mad Men was shut out and Breaking Bad only one win which I thought should've gone too Gus and not Jesse.  Homeland is a good show but I don't think it's good enough that it should've swept pretty much all the drama categories.

hanso 9/24/2012 12:04:04 PM

 Avengers is more entertaining than Independence Day.

DaForce1 9/24/2012 12:40:43 PM

 Sat morning is the premiere for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Green Lantern, and Young Justice: Invasion on Cartoon Network. Also, the new animated Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles starts up on Nickelodeon on Sat. morning. 

Granted, all of these shows may not be as genre as The Green Mile or Kingdom of Heaven, but I thought people here might want to know.

fatpantz 9/24/2012 10:54:19 PM

666 looks like it has too much of that Melrose Place feel to it, but I HAVE to check it out simply because of O'Quinn....this guy is the ultimate in creepy evil, so I will give it my typical 6 episode trial.



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