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DaForce1 9/17/2012 1:35:46 AM

 Watched the first episode of Revolution, and it struck me very much as The Postman meets Terra Nova...only without the novelty of dinosaurs. I give it a half season before it's canceled by NBC. Look, Falling Skies and Walking Dead work because they're on cable and have a smaller share to grab. Hence, if they pull in numbers as low as Terra Nova did, they're successful. It's why we see more 'reality' tv crap on networks vs. genre television. Because one is much cheaper than the other to produce. Unfortunately. 

jdiggitty 9/17/2012 8:29:20 AM

I agree with you DaForce. I'd be greatly surprised if it got in a whole season, especially on NBC. What I saw was by no means bad but they're obviously counting on grabbing a Hunger Games audience. Can't see this keeping my attention for a 20 episode season.

By the way, does anyone know why networks keep forcing those long seasons while shorter 10-12 episodes are clearly making a bigger impact on cable these days? There is not one single network show I watch anymore and those bloated seasons are a big reason.

karas1 9/17/2012 9:24:33 AM

Longer seasons make it easier to reach the 100 episode mark at which point the series can go into syndication and make serious dough.  Also, they have to develop fewer series which is probably an expensive process.

As far as 13 episode season go, I don't like them.  I'm just getting into the groove of the series and really enjoying it and, it's over.  Sure, a 20 episode season means there may be a sub par episode or two in there.  But that's a price I'm willing to pay.

fenngibbon 9/17/2012 9:27:22 AM

 "Oh Andy Serkis… is there anything you can’t do?"

Get the Academy to give him a well-deserved Oscar?

mellowdoux 9/17/2012 11:05:01 AM

 I re-watched "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" this weekend, and it isn't a case of "Costner: Bad, Rickman: Good". That's a very basic assessment.

The problem is that they were mis-matched and mis-directed. Costner was playing it straight (which I liked) while Rickman was playing it like it was a pantomime (which frankly, I hated). With that said, I don't blame Alan Rickman... he's a fantastic actor.

The movie is just horribly schizophrenic, and the people to blame for that are the ones behind the camera, not the guys in front.

rkngl 9/17/2012 1:52:01 PM

 Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much hype... I waited eagerly for Revolution but, instead of a "Walking Dead" or a "Fringe", all I got was a "Terra Nova meets Falling Skies"... BOOOOOOORRRRIIINNNGGGGG!
The beginning feels rather forced (Hell is breaking loose! in three, two...), and to see such a fine actress as Elizabeth Mitchell to appear in the first scene and then (SPOILERS) she was dead on the next... (WHA????) and everybody is living in Amish paradise, only with these weird crossbows... no beards, no dirt, no sweat, no nothing... but hey! there's hope and salvation in some magic USB that has been kept a secret for some 15 years and everybody did not-a-sheet to use it to rescue Humankind... thanks a lot!
Well at least we had some final five minutes with Billy Burke doing some pretty "Equilibrium-style" fighting inside a still-standing building (they DO build them to last!), but unfortunately those two pretty blond teen brothers (boy and girl) were not targets... the show would thus be over and many weeks of despair would not be spoiled on us!

My grade? (Is there any letters beyond Z?)

almostunbiased 9/17/2012 7:51:33 PM

Yea I watched this a week or so ago.  The first half an hour is bad.  then it became some what interesting.  Overall not good, but I might watch the second episode before I decide for sure.

DarthBob 9/19/2012 6:12:14 AM

DVR'd Boringlution and watched it last night and it was absolutely ridiculous.  All of the characters looked like they just finished up an LL Bean photo shoot.  Given the idiotic plot, terrible acting, atrocious dialogue; I couldn't care less why the power went out.  This show is just plain stupid.



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