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The Twilight Zone: Essential Episodes

55th Anniversary Collection

By Robert T. Trate     June 09, 2014

Cue the classic theme as Rod Serling takes you into THE TWILIGHT ZONE
© Robert Trate
Everyone has their essential Twilight Zone episodes. However, I think less and less people of the younger generation know about the brilliance that is Rod Serling’s incredible show. I like this idea and this particular grouping of episodes. Bravo Image Entertainment for supplying a new generation with a kick-start into the greatest sci-fi anthology of all time!

Press Release: Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand, announces the release of The Twilight Zone: Essential Episodes (55th Anniversary Collection), the ultimate must-have collection for any Twilight Zone fan! The Twilight Zone: Essential Episodes (55th Anniversary Collection) is available on DVD on July 1, 2014, at an SRP of $29.98.
This very special collection features some of the most memorable episodes from Rod Serling's legendary series exploring the fantastic and the frightening. Unforgettable episodes include “Time Enough at Last,” “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” “To Serve Man,” “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” and more! Prepare to travel to another dimension of sight and sound once again with these essential episodes:


• Walking Distance
• Time Enough at Last
• The Hitch-Hiker
• The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
• A Stop at Willoughby
• The After Hours
• The Howling Man
• The Eye of the Beholder
• Nick of Time
• The Invaders
• The Obsolete Man
• It’s a Good Life
• The Midnight Sun
• To Serve Man
• Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
• Living Doll
• The Masks
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Redshirt1 6/9/2014 2:53:12 PM

This is great, but what I would love to see is a complete episode box set. Every season, every episode. I don't know if it would handle an upgrade to blueray well or not, but it is what I would love to have.Serling was a true master of the genre.

therockdltj 6/9/2014 3:04:00 PM

 I agree with you redshirt it would be great to see a collection of all the episodes!

RobertTrate 6/9/2014 6:07:04 PM

 I have all the Blu-ray except season 3. 

redhairs99 6/10/2014 11:10:48 AM

Pretty sure the full collection is available on Amazon for blu-ray, but it might be a package of all 5 inidividual seasons).  I have all 5 seasons on Blu-ray, but I got each one separatelyand not as a set.  

domino2008 6/10/2014 11:57:46 AM

Im just starting my collectin on this series, Ihve just season 1 , I like 3 alot  Midnigt Sun is something We are experenceing now with the weather , Time enough at last , A stop at Willoughnby , and I just  watched To serve man last night on ME TV  , which  has a great ending  . The Masks seem those same people got a  job at the hospital in Eye of the Beholder  to name a few of my favorites.. I have Nexfix get to  watch the shows all the time along with Star Trek TOS

domino2008 6/10/2014 10:25:54 PM

This new collection has some good episodes in it . Theres also a Fan favorites too . I cant afford the blu ray collection , so I buy the no extras seasons that are only $ 20 The ones with the extras go for $ 50



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