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TWILIGHT's leading man Robert Pattinson

POTTER kid turns vamp hunk

By Leslie Morgan     November 21, 2008

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He’s the hottest guy in the world today.

Pre-teen girls and even fully-grown women are swooning over Robert Pattinson. To date he is best known for his role as Cedric Diggory in the 'Harry Potter' franchise. However, Pattinson’s life is about to change with the opening of 'Twilight' and his role as Edward Cullen, the vampire that every girl longs for.

The buzz around Pattinson has been getting stronger. Even before filming began, fans of the novel were blogging about Robert Pattinson and now the fandemonium has reached epic proportions. Is Pattinson fully prepared for encountering his fans?

“My brain doesn’t really accept it. I just don’t want to get stabbed or something. I just don’t want to be shot or stabbed or stabbed with a needle; that’s my only real fear.”

Did Pattinson have some angst about playing the role of Edward Cullen?

“I didn’t want to a teen stupid movie. I specifically did movies that people wouldn’t see after 'Harry Potter'. This came kind of randomly and I didn’t really know what it was when it first started," Pattinson told reporters. "I wanted to do two or three little things first, but then this sort of happened. I had done another movie where I got really intense and I felt much more satisfied so I wanted to do that with Twilight. Also trying to break down the assumption that a movie made from a book that is selling a lot of copies, everybody knows it’s just to make money. I didn’t want to be involved in that. I thought Catherine and Kristen would be supportive of that, but they have reputations. I don’t have a reputation so when everyone got to Portland I wanted to make sure I knew everything about everything. I didn’t talk to anyone about anything, but the part. I think most people thought it was an easy read and a happy film. I was holding it and saying, ‘No this is gonna win Oscars!”

Pattinson continues on to say, “It broke down as I was doing it. Ya know people wanted to make it lighter, but it’s a bit different than the book. He does make little quips in the book; he’s a confident character. No one, if you’re writing the perfect guy, would write him as some manic depressive weirdo who is trying to kill himself all the time no matter what his six pack is like. I was fighting with Producers and Catherine (Hardwicke, the director) gave me a copy of the book and every instance where he smiles is highlighted.”

In fact the sequel deals with Pattinson’s character actually trying to kill himself, “Yea I am definitely waiting for the sequel,” Pattinson laughs.

Stephanie Meyer gave Pattinson a copy of 'Midnight Sun', a piece of a new book that she had started told from Edward’s point of view that was not meant to see the light of day. However, the author eventually posted it on her website when it was leaked on the Internet.

“She gave it to me about 2/3 into shooting. I didn’t even know existed. I just knew the first chapter existed," the actor said. "I based a lot of my angst-ness in the character from that first chapter that is on the Internet. In the book you never think he is going to do anything bad, but when you read that first chapter of Midnight Sun the full extent of how much he wants to kill her becomes evident. I wanted that element of him to be prominent and I wanted Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) to be saying, ‘I’m not scared. You won’t do anything to me.’ I think it makes it sexier if there is a very real chance of him flipping out and killing her.”

When you watch the film the chemistry between Stewart and Pattinson is clearly palpable, but what was it like working with the rest of the Cullen family? “It was strange. I had this thing with Kristen. I mean all of our scenes are pretty intense. With the family, they are really funny people. I just got on with them. I mean it wasn’t really acting; I just had an America accent. Peter (Facinelli) is one of the funniest people I ever met.”

So what’s up next for Pattinson? “A little movie called 'Parts Per Billion' with Dennis Hopper and Rosario Dawson in January and hopefully something else.”

In the meantime check out Pattinson and the entire cast of 'Twilight', in theaters now.



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