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Beware the Batman Clip from TOXIC

Batman Vs. Metamorpho

By Robert T. Trate     August 16, 2013
Source: IGN

Check out this clip from the upcoming episode of of Beware the Batman. In “Toxic” the Dark Knight faces the elemental monster Metamorpho. This clip is from the final episode of the first season of Beware the Batman which airs Saturday August 17th on Cartoon Network. 


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jonniej1017 8/16/2013 3:22:27 PM

Not crazy about the animation, but some of those scenes looked really cool!!!

BunyonSnipe 8/16/2013 5:00:46 PM

Yeah this already looks dated...

Decided to watch the trailer for Arham Origins instead and wonder what might have been...

blankczech 8/18/2013 8:53:09 AM

 My grandsons love this series and that says it all for me.  They are the target audience.  I don't judge it based on  my sensibilities.   When I sit watching on Saturday mornings while sipping my coffee,  I realize that I am trespassing on the kids turf.  If I want / need a more sophisticated cartoon, the cartoon network has adult shows that come on later in the evening.

I prefer the slick / clean CGI animation to hand drawn looks very appropriate for this show.

I'm a little surprised that this is the final episode.  I haven't been counting but it seems to me like their have only been about a half dozen episodes (maybe 8).  The Green Lantern animated series that preceded it had 13 episodes if I'm not mistaken.  

goldeneyez 8/19/2013 5:30:34 AM

blankczech, I think you are right about the target audience for this show being fore kids.  I just haven't been able to get into it.  I also don't really like that they haven't used ANY of Batman's traditional rogue gallery.  I feel like they could have at least thrown one in there & expanded the traditional rogues like they've done so far.

I think it's been the weakest of Batman cartoons in recent times behind The Brave and the Bold and The Batman.  It really doesn't hold a candle to Batman TAS, but that's 20 years old now.  I really think they need to let Batman take a rest and try another hero for DC's pantheon, but I guess Batman toys sell like hotcakes so there will probably always be a Batman cartoon.



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