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Two More Board JOE 2

RZA and D.J. Cotrona set for G.I. Joe 2.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 28, 2011
Source: Hollywood Reporter

G.I. Joe – Hall of Heroes: Flint by Hasbro(2009).
© Hasbro

It looks like Flint and Blind Master---the trainer of Snake Eyes and Jinx---will be the latest characters to be hopping on board the G.I. Joe 2 production at Paramount Pictures. HR is reporting that rapper-turned-actors RZA and D.J. Cotrona ("Detroit 1-8-7") are in negotiations to join Jon M. Chu's fast-tracking Joe sequel set for a release next summer. The two join previously-set stars Channing Tatum, Ray Park, Dwayne Johnson and Elodie Yung.Chu is the incoming director, based on a screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Cotrona will play Flint, a Joe soldier best known in the toyline and 1980s comics for his shotgun and beret. RZA will play a martial arts master named the Blind Master who in the past trained Joe commandoes Snake-Eyes (Park) and Jinx (Yung). Channing Tatum returns as Duke while Dwayne Johnson is set to play the role of Roadblock.

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ElBaz13 6/28/2011 7:09:14 AM

GiJoe 1 was a steaming pile of dog poo. When they announced this sequel a said forget it.

But, the more they announced new tidbits, the more I got excited. No Ripcord! check. No Stephen Sommers directing! check. No Heavy Duty! check. Add Roadblock and cast him with the Rock! check.

Add Flint. Perfect!

But once again....RZA as Blind Master? WTF? Is it so hard to find an older asian actor to fill this role???? I have nothing against african americans but why does this studio keep doing this? (Ripcord = black) GiJoe has a large amount of black joes they could fill. I sure hope that's a mistake and RZA is playing someone like Doc or Stalker.

Kaziklu 6/28/2011 7:22:30 AM

It's simple in the US everyone is afraid of being called Racist because if you don't have enough black people a vocal minority of Black people in the US will cry racism very loudly. But if you don't have that many Asian people in a film, they just buy movies from Hong Kong, or Japan. It's much the same thing with Indian's you don't see a large number of Indian's even in movies set in Urban area's.

The only exception that I can think of is Boomer from BSG, awesome black man becomes a Asian woman.

I wish they would just stick to the comic... if you can do Green Lantern the way they did, then you can do GI Joe, fairly true to the comic.

tiredjay 6/28/2011 7:33:07 AM

The character of the Blind Master is black.  It's the Hard Master who was Asian.

BunyonSnipe 6/28/2011 7:33:30 AM

I was kind of hoping that they would rebbot and do the amazing 'Chuckles' storyline from the GI Joe: Cobra comics from IDW...

A really good thriller, with some great twists that would have been great on the big screen and Chuckles would have become a new action icon.

I still hate the fact that we know too much about Cobra Commander, worse still that the Joes do too!


ElBaz13 6/28/2011 7:37:16 AM

I agree. These studios are afraid to take elements of the comics. Dumb dumb.

The Hama run was the best in the 80s. I loved the Snake Eyes origin that Stalker and Storm Shadow were part of.  Scarlett was Snake Eyes' love. Snake Eyes couldn't speak not because of a vow of silence but because he was horribly disfigured in a helicopter crash saving Scarlett. Oh yeah, and Baroness is european and wealthy. No American and Duke's old flame. sigh....


ElBaz13 6/28/2011 7:39:47 AM

Argh! My mistake! I was thinking Soft Master. Got confused.

Sorry my bad. I take it back. But then again, why no Soft Master in this movie?

Wiseguy 6/28/2011 7:40:39 AM

Well RZA just finished that Man With Iron Fists film so I guess they figured he should know enough moves to pass as a martial arts expert, or something

I'm laughing at myself cause I had no idea who this Cotrona cat is and all I'm saying in my mind is that these guys went out and got a rapper and some damn deejay?

I enjoyed GI Joe so I've been down for a sequel from the start. It helps that I'm not familiar with JOE canon so any changes don't bother me at all

BunyonSnipe 6/28/2011 7:47:13 AM

Yeah the vow of silence is just stupid, if not actually negligent...

If he can speak, he should speak... What is someone is i danger and it could be resolved by shouting 'BEHIND YOU!'

The 80s origin was great and created a real sense of purpose, but I really like the IDW rebooted version too...

ElBaz13 6/28/2011 7:50:57 AM


Do you mean Gi Joe Origins by IDW and written by the great Larry Hama?

Yeah, I like that series too. It gave the characters a real 21st century reboot and could have been used for the movie as an adaptation. No accelarator suits in this series either.  

ElBaz13 6/28/2011 8:02:47 AM

Well you are lucky to not know anything to enjoy this franchise Wiseguy.

You know how we ranted about X-men First Class' origin changes? Well GiJoe Rise of Cobra did that to me as well. I would say probably 10-50 times worse. At least X-men First Class was still a watchable film. Fassbender/McAvoy vs Tatum/Wayans...uh...I think I will take the two Brits.

I'm Glad Marvel Studios remains faithful to their characters and stories.

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