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Mania Review: The Dark Knight Rises (Article) - 7/20/2012 1:55:34 PM

I am pretty much in the same camp as most on this. Not as good as TDK, better than BB. I personally thought it started a little slow...but once it got going, I was hooked. The first fight between Bane and Batman is just phenomonal. Done so well. There was no music in that scene, and it just made it more ominous.

I had a few times where I couldn't understand Bane at first, but after a couple of seconds, my brain caught up to it.

It's a shame it is in the shadow of TDK, cause it still a very good film. With a great last 30 minutes or so. In the shadows of it's predecessor, it gets lower praise than it should.

Walking Dead Season 3 Comic Con Trailer (Article) - 7/14/2012 8:14:29 AM

While there are times I wish they were more faithful to the comic, I don't mind when they stray from it as much. As you stated Jedi, they are obviously going a different way with the Governor. But, to me at least...I like the change sometimes. I don't know how it will end up. It makes for geuniune surprise when major players get killed, or that Sophia reveal at the halway mark of Season 2.

I think we can assume Woodbury will still be pretty bad, since it looks like it is only Andrea and Michonne who first encounter it. But, I don't think they could properly portray the things that the Gov does, and most definitely what he has done to him, on AMC. That was some brutal stuff!

I'm just glad they are at bringing in the Prison and Governor storylines. Should move a lot faster than last season at the farm.

The Geek Life: Avengers Aftermath (Article) - 5/14/2012 3:46:57 PM

You know...I must say it is refreshing to go through 5 pages of comments, and see civil and intelligent conversations and observations about a topic like this. Everyone has opinions, but aren't assholes about it. Except for our good friend Crazy CEO, of course :)

 Not to pick on any other sites (AICN), but those talkbacks are just ruthless, and quite honestly pathetic. People just hate on things to be noticed, and start flame wars, and it's just tired. And my God, when people are still typing "FIRST!" (even worse when they are actually third), that really says it all concerning sites like those.

So, keep it up Maniacs!  It's always a fun read!

Mania Review: The Avengers (Article) - 5/4/2012 12:20:31 PM

Just saw this today, and it is just awesome! I went in with some pretty high expectations, and it blew them out of the water.  A well done movie, period. Whedon did a tremendous job.

As many have said, Hulk stole the show. But, something I wasn't expecting was how funny it was. Several times in this movie, the one liners had me cracking up.

Also, I went to an 11am show. Normally there are around maybe 20-30 people tops for blockbustersat this time of day, the Friday that it opens.  Although I was in a smaller theater than normal, it was packed. Not sold out, but damn close. Bodes well for the $ this movie will make. Lots!

AMC Renews Walking Dead for 16 More (Article) - 1/17/2012 1:14:48 PM

I read the comic, and I love both the comic and the show. I would probably like them to stick to more of the storyline in the comic, but the bonus of them not doing that I have no clue what will happen next in the show.  If they stuck straight to the comic, there would be no surprises (for the folks that read the comic, that is). The comic is awesome. But, having Shane still around in the show sure makes for an interesting storyline. And the reveal with Sophia...another stunner thanks different ideas for the show.

This way..I get 2 Walking Deads. But, that's just me. I do realize many people prefer more faithful adaptions to the material. But, clearly...that isn't the way Kirkman and co. are going.

G.I. JOE Topples Box Office (Article) - 8/9/2009 11:38:56 PM

Some people don't like Seth Rogen..some do. Not sure why anyone finds joy in the fact that his latest flick isn't bringing in serious bank, though.'s not like he has this history of bringing in huge box office numbers. Not counting his "Monsters vs. Aliens" voice movie he has starred in has brought in more than $150 million. 

But, Wiseguy..have you ever seen  'The Office"? Carrell is pretty damn funny in that. At least I think so. Everyone has different tatstes, I guess.

Writing is obviously a huge part of comedy...but, there is quite a bit of improv involved in some movies. Vince Vaughn, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams...are great examples. And if you ever watch "Curb Your Enthusiasm"..there is no script per se..just story lines. So, the whole show, is pretty much improv.

Russian Accent Woes in IRON MAN 2 (Article) - 7/22/2009 7:35:03 AM

Spier-Man 2, X-Men 2, Superman II, Batman Returns, The Dark Knight.....actually there is probably more of a track record of 2nd films being very good, if not better than the original. Which bodes well for IM2!!

It's film number 3 we have to worry about! 

KARATE KID Remake Production Begins (Article) - 7/14/2009 6:55:44 AM

The whole reason Daniel wants to take karate lessons, is because he is getting his ass kicked in high school, and wants to protect himself.  That is why beating the Cobra Kai punks was so sIgnificant in the tourney. can that translate to an 11 year old? Either they are changing the plot big time, or they think that people want to see a 5th grader get redemption by beating other 5th graders in a kung-fu tourney.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 8/3/2008 6:25:05 PM

back in 2006, there was a rumor about Hoffman as the Penguin in "The Dark Knight". Pretty sure he said he wasn't interested. Now..maybe with the ultra success of this movie, he might change his mind. He's a damn good, I hope so. If that's the route Nolan goes

Unspecified Title (Article) - 7/17/2008 9:10:02 AM

Believe it or not, there are some bad reviews on this movie. And not along the lines of "it's not a masterpiece". Rotten Tomatoes has 8 or 9 bad ones, and some actually call the film awful and boring. Makes you wonder, how these guys have jobs as critics, when almost everyone says this movie unbelievable. If you want a good chuckle, check the bad reviews out. Want a really good chuckle, read the comments under the reviews. Priceless!


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