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UK Contest: Naruto Unleashed 5.2

By Chris Beveridge     April 11, 2009

Naruto Unleashed 5.2
© Manga Entertainment UK

Manga Entertainment in the UK is setting up fans for a bit more Naruto fun as they've got a few singles to spread out to fans! We've got three copies of their new Naruto Unleashed 5:2 release up for grabs so three lucky winners can experience this very fun series.

What It's About:

Naruto is joined on a rescue mission by Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba, and Neji to save Sasuke who has been sealed in a drum-like coffin. Their pursuit is halted by the most fearsome of the Sound ninja with an uncompromising loyalty to Orochimaru and a hair-raising Kekkai Genkai! But the Leaf Village has sent another able bodied ninja to assist in the fight, the newly recovered Rock Lee! Three familiar ninja from the Sand Village also come to the rescue and together they employ fantastic jutsu, especially when Gaara battles Kimimaro, who creates weapons from his own bones! While the Leaf genin continue their battles against the Sound, Naruto finally catches up to Sasuke at the Final Valley, the legendary site at the border of the Land of Fire. There, Sasuke and Naruto must face each ... in battle!

How To Enter:

All you need to do to enter is to send us an email at with the subject of "UNLEASHED" and include your name and shipping address. We'll randomly select two winners on 04/18/2009 from the list. .


1) Tim Hempstead

2) David Morton

The Fine Print: The fine print: All entries become the property of and may be used in any promotional way. Contestants' email and shipping addresses will not be given out to anyone. reserves the right to change the rules at any time. Contest open to residents of the United Kingdom only.


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