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ULTIMATE X-MEN comic book trailer hits the Web

Marvel Comics announces an online trailer program to help promote its titles

By Eric Moro     June 27, 2001

Cover art for ULTIMATE X-MEN #2
© 2001 Marvel Comics

In yet another example of how Marvel Comics continues to push the envelope in regards to marketing, the publisher has released an online trailer promoting the latest storyline set to debut in ULTIMATE X-MEN #7 "Return to Weapon X."

"ULTIMATE X-MEN has a new story arc entitled ['Return to] Weapon X' and Mark Millar, Adam Kubert, Richard Isanove and a very good in-house programmer named Johnny Roberts worked out sort of a first of its kind trailer for a comic book episode set to music," says Marvel Comics President Bill Jemas. "We think it's kind of a breakthrough for us. Typically in the comic business any time you try something new you find out that it was not new that it was tried 50 years ago in some kind of s****y version that never worked. This is pretty breakthrough. It's the first time I've seen any of us in the business use music effectively with the still images to tell a great story."

The music in question is a royalty-free techno rhythm, however the publisher has its sights set on a strategic alliance that will not only provide hot new music for its upcoming trailers, but also help promote its books in a non-comics related venue.

"Our hope and part of my mission is to call on some old friends in the entertainment business to help us get deals with current recording artists so that we can cross-promote new upcoming Marvel comics with new upcoming hit music," says Jemas. "I don't know if any of you have been around the music business, but generally speaking people in the music industry love doing stuff like that."

While the trailer for the "Return to Weapon X" story is currently available at http://dev.marvel.com/weaponx, expect to see more trailers popping up as new titles/storylines are introduced.

"We have our WAR MACHINE launch coming up in September," says Jemas. "We expect that the next trailer that we do will be WAR MACHINE."


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