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Under the Gun

Action moviedom's unusual suspect, Kate Beckinsale, starts a two-movie genre run with the vampire vs. werewolf thriller UNDERWORLD

By Eric Moro     September 25, 2003

When people think of actress Kate Beckinsale, they tend to picture a dainty performer who's made a career out of love stories and period pieces.

Well, audiences are in for a surprise when the actress takes an action hero turn in both UNDERWORLD (this September) and VAN HELSING (next summer). In fact, it's a good question what's more surprising about these two roles that Beckinsale's made a 180-degree turn in the types of movies she appears in, or the fact that both parts are so similar. (In the first, she plays a leather-clad vampire assassin who stalks the night hunting werewolves, while in the second she plays a gypsy princess allied with the legendary monster hunter from the Dracula tale.)

"I got much more into action films since I had my baby," notes Beckinsale of the genre she's poised to conquer. "I think its simply just getting vicarious excitement because I don't go out very much."


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