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Cooper denies GREEN LANTERN rumors


By Rob M. Worley     May 18, 2009
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Comics2Film: A new GREEN LANTERN candidate?
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Cooper denies 'Green Lantern' rumors. Zombie talks 'El Superbeasto'. Cool stuff from the set of 'Scott Pilgrim'. 'Thor' casting confirmed. 'Razor'  returns. Lots of manga adaptations planned and more. Its father was a mudder. Its mother was a mudder. It's your Comics2Film 9.5.18!



Zombie says EL SUPERBEASTO Could Release in Fall

Musician/filmmaker Rob Zombie told MTV Splash Page that he's heard rumors that his animated "superhero monster sex comedy" 'The Haunted World of El Superbeasto' could be released on the home entertainment market this fall. However Zombie also expressed frustration at the ongoing delays on the completed film, and isn't convinced that the movie will be out this year.

"There are rumors about releasing it in the fall," he said. "But the company that owns ‘El Superbeasto,’ the problem is, that company has changed hands, like, at least five times since I started. So, every time we’re near release, it gets sold, new executives come in, and it derails the project."

The film is based on Zombie's comics, published by MV Creations and Image Comics.


Hemsworth confirmed for THOR

Both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter confirm Deadline Hollywood Daily's weekend scoop that 'Star Trek' actor Chris Hemsworth has been cast in the role of 'Thor'...almost.

Variety uses the more cautious working that the actor is in "final negotiations", which generally means there is a verbal agreement on the table and it's just up to the lawyers, agents and managers to work out the contracts and make it all official.

The Reporter adds the additional wrinkle that the actor's commitment to 'Red Dawn', which is set to roll cameras later this year, could conflict with 'Thor', which won't film until early next year, but will be in pre-production soon.

The actor is, of course, committing to sequels as well as 'The Avengers' spin-off franchise.




Ducati motorcycles are becoming a staple of modern action movies. Fans recall Wesley Snipes riding one in the opening scenes of 'Blade II'.

Variety reports that this summer murderous Ducati Hypermotards aim to wipe out humanity as part of the war zone depicted in 'Terminator: Salvation'.

A Ducati bike is also part of the build-up to a massive Decepticon in 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'.



Cooper denies GREEN LANTERN Rumors

A couple of weeks ago, actor Bradley Cooper's name came up as a likely contender for being cast as the lead in 'Green Lantern'. According to the original report, Cooper had progressed well along in the casting process, and was beyond the point of just being on somebody's wish list or taking a first meeting.

However, at this weekend's press junket for 'The Hangover' Cooper denied such rumors. Although the actor is not quoted directly, Latino Review reports that Cooper said there no truth to the stories. He denied auditioning for the part. He allegedly characterized everything as internet rumors.

Bizarrely, Latino Review follows their summary by saying what the actor told them is "probably a lie". It's unclear how the leap from reporting the actor's comments to calling him a probable liar is made, although there was much chatter among webmasters on Twitter over the weekend floating the same idea, and citing Daniel Craig's persistent denial of James Bond as an example.



This is how Rumors Start: WONDER WOMAN

There's no new casting info on long-gestating 'Wonder Woman' movie. Lets just make that clear up front.

However, actress Jessica Biel would love to read a script for the film one day, when there is a script that they intend to film, which there isn't right now. And the actress further told MTV Splash Page, that if the script (which doesn't yet exist) was any good she would definitely try to land the part.

But, as it stands: there is no script, therefore she hasn't read a script, therefore the lovely Jessica Biel is not attached to the 'Wonder Woman' movie in any way.

The actress did say she is open to returning to the proposed but dead-on-arrival 'Nightstalkers' franchise, which was to spin out of the 'Blade: Trinity' movie. In that one she played bow-slinging (and camera wrecking) hottie Abagail Whistler alongside Ryan Reynolds Hannibal King and a team of monster hunters.

"I had a really good time in that world. That was fun for me. I like that kind of physicality and playing a tough person who has awesome skills—like ninja skills—that’s pretty cool," Biel said.



WOLVERINE Box Office Report

'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' is still strong in its third week of release, hanging in at #3 against blockbusters 'Angels and Demons' and 'Star Trek'. The film took in almost $15 million this week, bringing up the domestic total to $151 million. Worldwide the pic has scratched out about $274 million.

Some milestones reached:

It's now the #12 movie of the past 365 days (domestically), up 10 spots from last week

It's the #3 movie of 2009 so far (up 2 positions - closing fast on the #2 'Fast and Furious', but losing ground to current #4 'Star Trek').

It's now the #2 PG-13 movie of 2009, in the same contention as the previous chart.

It broke the top 100 all-time PG-13 movies, landing at #87

It's now in the top 20 all-time comic book adaptations, standing at #18, just above 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and 'The Incredible Hulk' and pushing 'Wanted' out of the top 20.

It's the #9 Marvel movie of all time.

Interestingly, it's still the #4 X-Men movie, domestically, although it will likely surpass the original film, which enjoys a total domestic gross of $157 million.




TAKERUE to be adatpted by Miike Takashi

Prolific filmmaker Miike Takashi is set to adapt Buichi Terasawa's Manga 'Takeru' into a live-action film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project set up through Nagasawa Yoshiya's Real Products will carry a $30 million budget.

The film won't roll cameras until Takashi completes 'Thirteen Assassins'.

Takashi saw box office gold this year with his anime adaptation 'Yattaman'.



Fox to produce PARADISE KISS Live-Action

In another manga-to-film adaptation, The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Fox International has secured the film rights to Ai Yazawa's 'Paradise Kiss'. Lest fans fret that this will turn into another 'Dragonball', plans are for the film to be be produced in Japan as a Japanese-language movie.

The story involves a teen girl who is seduced into becoming a catwalk model by a group of charismatic fashion students. Having fallen for the elite group's leader, she has to balance school, home, a new modeling career and a burgeoning love life. It's available in the United States via TOKYOPOP.



Hartsoe's RAZOR Set For Big-screen

Although not seen on comic shelves in years, Everette Hartsoe's goth slasher heroine 'Razor' landed a low-budget, big-screen deal this weekend, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Arclight Films and Jeff Most Productions will produce the feature film with a budget of about $15 million. The film will roll cameras in Australia early next year. Gary Hamilton is producing for Arclight along with Most, who was instrumental in shepherding 'The Crow' franchise over the past 15 years.


Behold the Large Hammer, +2 against girls, of Ramona Flowers in SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD

SCOTT PILGRIM +2 Against Girls

Over on his blog, Edgar Wright, director of 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' has published a cool new photo from the set.

This one shows what looks to be Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers, carrying her trademark handbag and a massive hammer. Fans of the comic know that Ramona's handbag is actually a "subspace suitcase" which contains a "large hammer, +2 against girls".

Also new online is the latest video blog. This one is particularly interesting as it shows the crew filming on the locations that creator Bryan Lee O'Malley used as photo reference in the creation of the Scott Pilgrim comics:




In our third manga-to-film story, The Hollywood Reporter also says there's a live-action 'Bubblegum Crisis'  film in the works, and it looks to be a collaboration between producers from six countries.

"Producers from six countries signed off Thursday in Cannes on an accord to make the $30 million English-language picture, which is set for delivery in early 2012. Wrangled by Benjamin Toh of Singapore's Axxis International, who acts as exec producer, the deal brings together Tokyo-based Anime International Company Australia's Arclight Films, Canada's Wizzfilms, China's Infotainment China Media Co. and the U.K.'s Latec International."




And finally, a mini-installment of...

Jon Favreau Tweets about IRON MAN 2

From the Twitter feed, it appears director Jon Favreau is taking a vacation soon which his says will be his last before 'Iron Man 2' wraps production. However, there was one bit of buiness to attend to on Sunday.

# Just got back from dinner with [Marvel chief] Kevin Feige and Robert Downey. We're nearing the halfway point in production. 9:20pm - May  17

Gosh, time flies when you're following everything on Twitter, doesn't it?


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Wiseguy 5/18/2009 10:44:18 AM

Crossing my fingers that Cooper doesn't get the GL role, he sucks IMO, at least as the lead hero.

Tom Hiddleston supposedly got cast as Loki. Never seen him in anything so I've no opinion except that he looks pale enough to look like a son of frost giants.

Nice to see Wolverine still climbing the charts

Jessica Biel is superhot but she appears to have double the amount of teeth humans do. Waffling on her being WW

silversurfer 5/18/2009 11:18:07 AM

I think that Jessica Biel could pull off would be interesting to see if and when it happens if she would be considered....

Is it just me, or do we all wish that JF would stop Tweeting? If you have something jucy to say, then by all means, tweet away, but having dinner after a set is hardly anything that any of us really need to know...

How is is that Nicolas Cage even gets to look at Monica Bellucci? (Yes, I'm aware that this doesn't apply to this posting, but still...WTF?) 

I have to say that I'm happy with the success of Wolverine, despite some of the things that have been said about it....good to know it was able to survive all of it....

GL should be an would be the best thing for it actually...someone who doesn't have a lot of wear and tear...after all, the actual character is the don't really need a household name to play him...

Hemsworth is a great selection for Thor...this gives them range to develope the character....looking forward to that...


Flint521466 5/18/2009 12:04:48 PM

I don't mind Cooper.  Nobody does smug, smarmy prick better.   He's just not GL.  I don't know who is.

hanso 5/18/2009 12:27:07 PM

Bradley Cooper was the bomb in Nip/Tuck yo!

hanso 5/18/2009 12:28:59 PM

double the teeth amount humans do? LOL! LOL. hahahahahahahhahahahahahhaa piss my pants ahhahahahahahahhahahahaLOL.

Seriously, did I mention LOL?

hanso 5/18/2009 12:29:30 PM

Henry Cavill = Green Lantern. 

jfdavis 5/18/2009 12:46:32 PM

I'd watch Biel in WW and like it depending on script but she's really not in the top ten of people I'd pick...

violator14 5/18/2009 1:10:35 PM

Why would a ducati be a part of the build-up to a massive Decepticon?? They couldn't mean Devastator could they? i thought he was a bunch of constructicons.
Biel has the body and man shoulders to play Wonder Woman, But she doesnt give that feel of an amazonian Wonder woman for some reason to me. Anybody seen Powder Blue yet? hehe. />=)

guygardner1 5/18/2009 2:04:23 PM

Good bye Cooper and good ridence !

Hello Shawn Roberts or Chris Pine !

guygardner1 5/18/2009 2:07:33 PM

OOh and as for Wonder Woman , Megan Gale already has the role.

It was signed and locked in when she was a part of George Miller's Justice League.

Now that it feel thru she still has the role, which is why DC are pushing the Wonder Woman film full tilt !

Go Megan Go !

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