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FUNimation Launching

New anime video community portal coming soon?

By Chris Beveridge     July 02, 2009
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In a new insert included with Claymore Vol. #6's DVD release, there's a small tag in the back talking about the site from FUNimation. FUNimation has been talking about launching a new anime community portal site for their videos for awhile, presumably to provide proper competition for which is built around its fanbase, and by appearances from the static launch page that's what's in mind:

"Your Video Anime Community - Coming Soon!

ShoDojo is the place where every part of your lifestyle comes together. A single location to watch free anime, mingle with friends, share all the fruits of your creative energy, and check out what everybody else is making. You know, all the stuff that’s so fun about being a fan. We’ve got what you want – Now show us what you’ve got."

FUNimation's plans for the community may be delayed some from when they initially wanted to roll it out due to security issues with their current video portal which ended up taking the entire thing down for several weeks. The portal as it exists now is a straightforward one with series broken out and episodes individually selected with their own page. A community oriented page will provide more interaction among the readers and help to promote shows from within as well. While there are numerous video streaming sites, very few legal ones are anime oriented and so far the only one to really gain popularity is the community sided

FUNimation has not announced when will go live, though we may hear something this weekend during Anime Expo. What features would you want to see on a newly launched anime video portal community site such as this one?


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ChrisBeveridge 7/2/2009 8:21:45 AM

I'm simply hoping for better (or retained) PS3 support since that's where I do my viewing. Right now because of how the site does their episode page selection, the javascript doesn't allow new pages to open at all.



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