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Your Thoughts on the Top 10 Lists...

What do you think of these lists for 2007?

By Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor     December 17, 2007

Tony Sirico as Paulie Walnuts and James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano in THE SOPRANOS: MADE IN AMERICA.
There’s not really a hell of lot going down this morning in the way of genre news and I’m not all that shocked at that particular development. Monday mornings tend to be slow anyway but the WGA effect (as I like to call it.) is beginning to contribute as a factor. We’re fast approaching a day when studios won’t be green-lighting any more films until these strike issues are resolved even when the studio has a finished script for that particular project.
For the most part, that’s already happening.
But that’s not why I’m here writing this out…
For the past two weeks, various organizations have been submitting their Top 10 Films of 2007 lists, most of them consisting of the very same limited-released films that we usually tend to see. You know what I’m saying here; those films which hardly ever get theater distribution above 2,000 prints are the ones which seem to be critically respected while any movie over 3,000 prints that bank at the box office hardly ever gets any love. There are exceptions in some cases. Pixar's Ratatouille seems to be one of them for this year's selections.
It’s nothing new and the latest AFI Top 10 that Hollywood Reporter has up this morning is prompting me to ask you genre fans what you think of the lists being distributed around the internet over the past week. I know that we have some passionate genre fans around here and at times, your geeky natures tend to amaze even me. I’m surrounded by true Genre Maniacs and I have no problems with that fact since I’m one myself. So, I’m going to pass the ball to you and it’s time to cut loose on the year of 2007 since the year will be drawing to a close very soon.
Here’s what the AFI considers to be the top 10 films of this year...
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Into the Wild
Knocked Up
Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood
Here’s what the AFI considers to be the top 10 shows of this year…
Everybody Hates Chris
Friday Night Lights
Mad Men
Pushing Daisies
The Sopranos
Tell Me Who You Love
30 Rock
Ugly Betty
If you’re wondering who made up these particular lists, here’s what the trade reports.
The 13-person jury that decided the film honorees consisted of Frank Pierson, David Ansen, Donn Cambern, Mary Corey, Lawrence Kasdan, Leonard Maltin, Tara McPherson, Diana Ossana, David Picker, Tom Pollock, Richard Schickel, Gary Winick and Kristal Brent Zook.

The TV jury was comprised of Rich Frank, Dick Askin, Neal Baer, Anna Everett, Nancy Franklin, Barry Garron, Melissa Gilbert, Horace Newcomb, Del Reisman, Matt Roush, Maureen Ryan, Robert Thompson and Ron Underwood.
Now, it’s your turn, fellow genre fans. What do you think of these lists? What do you consider to be the Top 10 Films of 2007 or Top 10 Shows of 2007?


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wessmith1966 12/17/2007 5:21:23 AM
There's a lot of movies I missed, but here's my top 10: 1. Knocked Up (funniest movie I've seen since Porky's) 2. Peaceful Warrior (great story and performances) 3. I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With (very funny and surprisingly touching) 4. 3:10 to Yuma (I love great westerns with great actors) 5. 300 (amazing visuals) 6. The Kingdom (timely and pulse-pounding) 7. Shoot 'em Up (fun, over the top, guilty pleasure movie) 8. Hatchet (wonderful old-style slasher) 9. Disturbia (great re-telling of Hitchcock's Rear Window) 10. August Rush (good story and good date night movie) I don't watch enough TV to make a top 10, but my list would have to include Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It only got one season, but it was a helluva show. I highly recommend the DVD box set if you like thoughtful, ensemble dramas. For me, the Sopranos last season (and especially the last show) was very disappointing and wouldn't be on a top 10 list.
hanso 12/17/2007 8:31:31 AM
I'd like to throw in The Bourne Ultimatum and American Gangster in the top 10 movies and Lost and The Office for the TV part. Sopranos RIP! I would also like to officially nominate "Highlander: The Source" for WORST movie of the year. I can't remember all the stuff that came out this year, if I remember some more i'll edit this post.
CalamityJohnson 12/17/2007 11:36:17 AM
Unfortunately I'm not privy to the foreign films and flicks that have limited showings so I'm not "educated" in that arena, but I'm not seriously worried about missing anything... Top 10 films for 2007 1. Transformers - Hey, i loved the cartoon too but seriously, are we really that mad cuz it didn't follow it closely? We really wanted energon cubes and a derelict spacecraft? This movie had it all, soundtrack, comedy, action, and popcorn thrills!! 2. 300 - So original and fun! 3. Knocked Up - Hilarious 4. American Gangster - although the ending was somewhat anti-climactic but seriously... it's a true story (make up a false ending?) 5. 3:10 to Yuma - Crowe and Bale, can't go wrong 6. August Rush - Agreed, great date flick 7. Beowulf - the animation didn't throw me. I loved it 8. No Country for Old Men - super great character development, excellent script, and dam good movie 9. The Mist - Joins Misery, Shawshank, Green Mile, Lean On Me, and Shining as great King flicks 10. Stardust - I just liked that it was like no other movie out there Top 10 Television 1. Lost 2. Battlestar Gallactica 3. Friday Night Lights - Best non-genre TV out there... wow! 4. The Office 5. Medium - is it cancelled? 6. CSI - the original 7. Black Donnely's - Loved this show before it was canceled 8. Legion of Super Heroes - fun but i preferred Justice League Unlimited so much more 9. Boston Legal - has become a political dumping ground soapbox, but still retains some of what made it so great 10. Heroes - Only made the list cuz that's the only 10 shows i watch... shallow television but i watch it every week, go figure
jamesdalton 12/17/2007 12:23:09 PM
Am I the only one who thought "300" was a piece of shit? This! Is not. A. Movie. This. Is. SOFT! CORE! POOOORNOOOOOO!
NotAFan 12/17/2007 1:00:44 PM
They are so behind the times. I mean where is their top ten viral video list? Where's "Chocolate Rain"? Where's "Leave Britttney Alone"? Where's "Don't taze me, bro?". Where's "Sheri shepard thinks the world is flat?". And most important of all where's "Artie Lange comes out of the closet"? (Not surprised really. I mean who didn't figure he was really gay? I mean honestly! It explains so much.)
bjjdenver 12/17/2007 1:41:11 PM
Their top ten TV-- Dexter--very good Everybody Hates Chris--good, but not in my top 10 Friday Night Lights--one of the best on TV Longford--didn't watch it Mad Men--don't watch it Pushing Daisies--again, probably not in my top 10 The Sopranos--Umm...NO. One of my favorites, but how long did this get by on its early greatness?? Tell Me Who You Love--never seen 30 Rock--very good, but The office is far better. Ugly Betty--ha Mine-- Supernatural--I may be a little biased, but this is a very solid show I always look forward to watching. FNL- Perhaps the best show on TV. Heroes--Still very good, damn strike. The Office--Makes me laugh out loud more than any other show on TV. Curb your Enthusiasm--pretty good. pretty, pretty good. Life on Mars--Excellent show on BBC. Tie-Monk/Psych--Two good shows back to back on USA. USA? Chuck--Still early, but I really enjoy this show. Entourage--I wish it was 45-60 minutes instead of an hour. Of course, you have to throw in the CSI, L&O series mix. Usually you get at least one good show a week out of the bunch, and they are always good stare into space TV, lol. CSI is still probably the best of the bunch consistently.
mckracken 12/17/2007 2:12:52 PM
I still havent seen 300, in fact I havent seen ANY of the movies listed on the top ten list for the year... I can make one comment though... its better than the official Mania 10 worst movies of all time list that they published. LOL
mckracken 12/17/2007 2:14:28 PM
"Entourage--I wish it was 45-60 minutes instead of an hour." WHAT??? 60 minutes IS an hour. is DEADZONE officially the longest running steven King Tv series... or the longest surviving Tv series based off a movie... has it knocked out Buffy (for longest running) yet?
bjjdenver 12/17/2007 3:04:28 PM
lol mckracken, I meant half hour. Damn, that is like a half dozen mistakes I've made today, or at least 6 anyhow.
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