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Ratner Set for Incredible SHRINKING Man

Set to update the classic.

By Jarrod Sarafin     April 18, 2008
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Director Brett Ratner on the set of the action-comedy RUSH HOUR 2.
© 2001 New Line Cinema
It looks like an update of Grant Williams' 1957 sci-fi classic is coming and director Brett Ratner may be in charge of it. Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertaiment has begun negotiations with Ratner to direct an update for The Incredible Shrinking Man, says the Hollywood Reporter. Eddie Murphy is set to star in the update and Imagine's Brian Grazer is set to produce. Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant wrote the most recent draft of the screenplay for the project, which had previously seen Pete Segal and Keenen Ivory Wayans in the director's chair.

Plot Concept: The update will be
the comedic approach to the fantastical material, telling the story of a famous Las Vegas magician who is put under a spell that causes him to shrink. He must find a way to reverse the spell before he gets so small that he "disappears."


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AzuLTaLoN 4/18/2008 1:37:15 AM
yet another remake siiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
ponyboy76 4/18/2008 2:38:06 AM
I wish Brett Ratner would "disappear"
Frackinjackson 4/18/2008 4:27:01 AM
Completely, totally and utterly misses the POINT of the book. Even the 1957 version was more about spectacle than the dark exploration about the loss of manhood and our notions of size that Matheson wrote about. Anyone who has read the book knows the amount of possible cinematic and disturbing scenes - him hitchhiking at the height of a ten year old only to find that the driver is a pedophile, his affair with the circus dwarf, his daughter using him as a doll etc etc. Having Eddie Murphy in it (who clearly has had a career crash at this stage) is only going to make it more farcical with Norbit like humour and having Ratner direct is adding insult to injury. I wish these people who go about adapting classic works of fiction would, at the very least, honor the tone of the work. And if not, then call it something else.
Whiskeymovie 4/18/2008 5:15:33 AM
Am I like the only person that enjoys Ratner's movies? I mean, he makes fun movies. I always am entertained by them. I don't know about this movie though, It may be good, but as Frack pointed out,having Eddie Murphy in it at this point, may not be a good thing.
LittleNell1824 4/18/2008 6:26:04 AM
Frackinjackson, I'll have to see if I can find the book. Sounds really good. I saw the original on cable when I was kid and loved it. I'll never forget the spider battle scene, or the "flood", or the idea that he was becoming so small that he was entering a world so alien that he probably wouldn't survive. Very sad. Eddy Murphy did some great comic stuff in the past, but I'm ok with him entering the whole kid/family movie world. There are kids watching his movies today that will always have a soft spot for him. One of these days he'll do a Bill Murray and show us his real acting chops again.
joeybaloney 4/18/2008 7:23:31 AM
Ratner missing a point, Frackin’?!?! Clearly you’ve never seen X3. Point my ass. The man would miss the side of a barn. Speaking of the side of a barn, that’s what Eddie Murphy likes to throw potential roles against nowadays to see if any of them stick. “See how long it took for that role to ooze down the side of the barn? Bet that’s a funny role. I’ll take it.†Ratner will cast an Incredible Shrinking Woman in this as well. Plus The Invisible Man, unrecognizable Morlocks and, since it’s a comedy, a talking pie. Jackie Chan will play The Kitchen Sink. X-Men ruinin’ mutha puss bucket razzin’ frazzin’…. Aaaaand... paragraph break!
fft5305 4/18/2008 7:52:55 AM
You're not the only one Whiskeymovie. I'm not saying Ratner makes wonderful, intelligent, life-changing movies. But they can be at least pleasant diversions. Some (Red Dragon) can even be damn good. He gets an incredibly bad rap for X3, which I thought was nowhere near as good as the first two movies, but was entertaining enough. If you recall, he came in to the process nearly as they were beginning filming. He inherited someone else's trilogy, screenplay and cast, band still managed to make a movie that not only made an incredible amount of money, but didn't kill the franchise. There's one spin-off filming, another in development, and constant talk of additional movies. I say give him a *little* credit...
Wiseguy 4/18/2008 10:39:33 AM
I loved X-3, liked Red Dragon, Rush Hour 1-2 were okay as was After the Sunset so I don't have any hate for Bratner. Not that he's great but IMO he's okay..................But I hate that they're making this film, especially if it comes out before Antman. This would definitely steal its thunder I think. Hopefully Wright is ready to get Ant Man rolling soon even though it's slated for 2010.
joeybaloney 4/18/2008 10:55:29 AM
Red Dragon was pretty decent, I'll admit. And the 1st Rush Hour was an amusing enough diversion. But X3 was so horrific I simply can't get past it. It was a colossal, insulting let down. "Blame the writers! Blame the studio! He came onboard late!" He defends that turd to this day with seeming pride. It was a convoluted, overpopulated, disrespectful pile of stinky poo. Maybe if he'd fess up to that I could judge future projects of his independently. Until then X3 will always be his greatest work for me. And it sucked!****** Regardless of Ratner's involvement I agree WISEGUY. I'm much more interested in an Ant Man movie then a comedic retread of this story.
laforcer69@yahoo.com_home 4/18/2008 2:52:57 PM
Frackin if I could agree with you more then I would but I can't...I totally agree with your sentiments and wish they would take at least this piece of science fiction seriously...
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