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New HULK Trailer

HULK trailer shown in front of SPEED RACER.

By Associate News Editor     May 14, 2008

The Hulk in THE INCREDIBLE HULK (2008).
© Universal Pictures

The new trailer for THE INCREDIBLE HULK which is currently running in front of SPEED RACER has been loaded up on YouTube. (See below.)

As a quick recap in case you have been out of the loop for a long time,  the film stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, Tim Blake Nelson, Ty Burrell and William Hurt.  In this new beginning, scientist Bruce Banner desperately hunts for a cure to the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells and unleashes the unbridled force of rage within him: The Hulk.

HULK smashes into theaters on June 13th.


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banditphd001 5/14/2008 10:01:51 AM
I like the trailers they have for this new hulk flick. I like Norton so I hope this movie kicks ass.
themovielord 5/14/2008 10:14:08 AM
I love the little piece of the TV show theme at the end.
momitchell7 5/14/2008 10:24:55 AM
Looks the same as the other trailers I've seen for this movie, just sorted differently. Saw a premiere of Prince Caspian last night and I thought it was great! Took my 6 year old daughter and she loved it too... Much better than the first movie, much more action, better story line and the sets and effects have definitely been taken to a whole other level since Wardrobe. I definitely recommend seeing Prince Caspian this weekend!
goatartist 5/14/2008 10:25:42 AM
The Hulk looks gay as all hell.
jedibanner 5/14/2008 10:33:51 AM
I wouldn't say he looks gay in the trailer but, I'd say he looked better in the first movie. All they had to do was make him smaller in height and he would've been the eral Hulk. this one looks too tiny and CGI doesn't look too good. Still, story looks interesting.
ponyboy76 5/14/2008 10:48:19 AM
Goes to show that you can`t make everyone happy. People , including me had issue with the Hulk in the first movie. He was too big and in my opinion, looked too green and fake. To me,Hulk looks more like the Hulk in the comic book. My only complaint was with the stills that made him look plastic. he looks great in live action. His actions are also very comic book Hulk like. For instance, when he smashes those 2 halves of a car together. That is very reminiscent of the comic and even the cartoon, back in the days. One thing I will say, the Hulk must be on some serious low carb diet or doing alot of cable crossovers because they made his chest crazily shredded.
Wiseguy 5/14/2008 11:38:44 AM
I had no problems with Lee's Hulk besides his height. But I really like this new look much better. He may still be a bit too tall but I'm fine with it. And I love that chiseled look he got, in the comics some of the better artists IMO make him look veiny, you must be ripped for that to come across better. Agree with pony as to the comic book look. Favreau said it, it's just that CGI hasn't gotten to the point of making anything organic look completely real as opposed to robots, cars, etc. That is unless you're covering it up with fur ala KingKong. Taking that into account I'm happy with what I've seen. I'll be there opening day.
gauleyboy420 5/14/2008 12:00:42 PM
SAAAAWEEEETTT!!!!!!! Can't wait to see aGOOD HULK movie. Lee's had way more wrong with it than just sub-standard look of the Hulk. (IMHO) AI agree you can't please everyone all the time, but this one looks like it's gonna please me. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! There opening day. or midnight whichever comes first. Hope this hit's IMAX
hanso 5/14/2008 1:22:33 PM
It's a green giangantic strong monster, how much real can it get? Only if you paint my boy Kimbo green will you actually get to see a real dude, otherwise it's gotta be CG.
twesaak 5/14/2008 1:34:20 PM
The only thing that is going to get me to go see this movie in the theater, is if the Hulk says, "Hulk Smash!!!!!". Other than that I will wait for pay per view, or $1 dvd.
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