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Up in the sky, it's SUPER-Hamm?


By Rob M. Worley     September 14, 2010
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Comics2Film: Jon Hamm and SUPERMAN
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Up in the sky, it's Super-Hamm? Plus: Ethel & Ernest find their voices. Spider-Man actor says comics are, "Shakespearean". Transformers 3 causes train wreck in Detroit and more! It's your Comics2Film 10.9.14!




Garfield Says SPIDER-MAN is "Shakespearean"

Actor Andrew Garfield was recently revealed to be the new lead in Marc Webb's planned Spider-Man reboot.

While promoting Never Let Me Go at the Toronto Film Festival, the actor talked with HollywoodNews.com about taking on such an iconic role, and it's pretty clear that the actor takes the prospect seriously.

"Its mythology. Comic books are derived from mythology. It’s ancient storytelling. It’s Shakespearean and Greek. It speaks to the same themes of what it means to be alive that a film like Never Let Me Go deals with," Garfield said adding that the web-slinger's struggle, "is the same as every young boy’s struggle. Who am I? What’s the best way to live? How can I serve something greater than what I am? Is there a purpose in this life? All of these themes."

Which is not to say that 's all a bunch of high-falutin intellectualizing for Garfield. Like many of us, his Spidey dreams started when he was young.

"I’m honestly treating it like this is a role that has meant a lot to me since I was four years old. And I have been waiting for the call since then to be given the opportunity to play with a bunch of awesome cameras and effects and to feel like I’m swinging through New York City. It’s a childhood fantasy come to life. But I’m just treating it like an extension of my seven-year-old self jumping for joy and climbing up doorframes. I’m just going to play to like I always have played it in my living room! It’s just an extension of that, with a bigger set, a bit more money, and a better costume. Although my mum’s homemade costume was pretty wicked."

We gotta admit, we're starting to like this kid!



ETHEL & ERNEST Find Their Voices

The Hollywood Reporter says there's a an animated version of the little-known graphic novel called Ethel & Ernest.

The fact-based book, by children's author Raymond Briggs, traces the life story of Briggs' parents from their first meeting in the 1920s, through the World War II era and on into the couples latter years in the 1970s.

Actors Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter's Professor Slughorn) and Brenda Blethyn are set to voice the lead roles.

The movie is produced by John Coates, who previously produced an Oscar-nominated animated short based on Briggs' book The Snowman. Camilla Deakin exec producing. les in Toronto.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



EXORCISM Director Praises X-MEN Actor

Director Daniel Stamm, who's current pic The Last Exorcism scored at the box office and tracked well on Rotten Tomatoes, talked with MTV Splash Page about the experience of working with actor Caleb Landry Jones on the film. Jones' name may seem familiar if you've been keeping score on all the X-Men: First Class casting, as he's set to play Banshee in the movie.

Stamm is quite high on the young actor who says Jones has an difficult-to-describe quality that makes him a unique acting talent.

"He was a real find, because I wanted [the character Jones plays in The Last Exorcism] to be slightly off, but where you couldn't really pinpoint what's off about him. There's some weirdness about him, and his doesn't have that in real life at all. He's the smartest guy," Stamm said. "He's going to be great in X-Men. I can promise you that. I can't wait. But it's going to be very different than this movie."



Stan Lee Nod in CAPTAIN AMERICA Set Photos

The ultra-niche Captain America Filming in Manchester Blog has been a steady source of...well...photos of Captain America: The First Avenger filming in Manchester, England.

The latest series shows a number of building fronts being dressed as Brooklyn store fronts, including one sly nod to a certain hyperbolic Marvel mouthpiece. Is this the location where Smilin' Stan Lee's cameo will appear?

We've got a couple of images but click through for the complete set...



TRANSFORMERS 3 Causes Detroit Derailment!

WXYZ TV in Detroit did a fly-by of some filming of Transformers 3 that's apparently happening at Dettroit's Packard Plant. As you'll see, the scene obviously depicts some kind of train derailment with rail cars impacting with nearby buildings...



Look! Up in the sky! It's SUPER...Hamm?!

With Christopher Nolan godfathering a new Superman movie, written by The Dark Knight duo of David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan, it's surprising that there isn't a lot more wild speculation about who will settle into the tights for the latest big-screen outing of the Man of Steel.

Some are still crossing their fingers for Brandon Routh or Tom Welling. Other rumors have placed Chuck actor Zachary Levi in the mix. True Blood star Joe Manganiello is apparently trying to drum up support for himself via online campaigning.

Now ThinkMcFlyThink has another name to drop: Mad Men star Jon Hamm. Their unnamed sources claim that the actor is being "seriously considered" for the role.

Now, this may just be wishful thinking on somebody's part. Yes, Jon Hamm very easily captures the Clark Kent look, especially when in costume and makeup as Don Draper on his acclaimed TV series. Yes, the handsome six-foot actor cuts a superhero-esque figure. And he is a fan favorite not only as the overly-serious character he plays on Mad Men, but as the hilarious comedic actor seen on 30 Rock, the Lex Luthor bailout sketch and the awesome Emmy Awards opening number.

At the same time, it's hard to overlook the fact that Hamm is 39 right now and will be 41 when the proposed Superman movie hits theaters. That hardly makes him viable for launching a new superhero franchise that would have him closing in on 50 when the third movie hits. TMT points to Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man, but there's a big difference between a man in a blue suit vs action scenes being carried by a suit of armor.

So, while we love Hamm as much as anyone (well, not as much as Mania EIC Rich Kuras, but anyone else) we have a hard time believing that the any consideration anonymous sources are giving is all that serious.

What do you think, Maniacs? Do you like Hamm for SUPERMAN? If not him, then who? Post your comments below...



Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9 which arrives in comic shops on September 9th! Come see Rob at Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, MI on the 15th and then at the GFA Pet Expo in Madison Heights on the 18th and 19th!


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redhairs99 9/14/2010 6:42:14 AM

I saw this Jon Hamm guy at the Emmy's and sorry, but Superman he is not!  First he's too old unless they plan on going with an older Superman storyline and wanted a Supes that looks like the older versions drawn by Alex Ross.  And Hamm doesn't look like he'd have much of a "Super" body type.

I think my top choice right now is Joe Manganiello from True Blood.  Dude is pretty huge and just needs a shave and I could see him as Supes.  He's not a bad actor either so that helps too.

ElBaz13 9/14/2010 6:54:44 AM

To quote Yoda "He is too old"

If DC wants to follow Marvel's blueprint of a shared universe of movies, they should also follow their casting decisions. Downey should not even be compared as Iron Man and Supes are two different characters. Tony Start does not need to be physical or buff. Just charismatic - done well by Downey.

Marvel chose Evans and Hemsworth as Thor and Cap because they will be doing all of the physical stuff. And they are young and up and comers! Well. Evans will get the upgrade to A-lister while Hemsworth is probably the next Hugh Jackman.


Wiseguy 9/14/2010 6:59:32 AM

I didn't realize that Stan Lee was slated for  a cameo in Cap's movie. I thought he was only doing that for characters he helped create. I'm cool either way, I love the ol' guy

I could see Hamm in the role as Superman even though he seems a bit short for the part but that's not a big deal nowadays. Make him an older Superman, afterall I just know we aren't going for another origin movie. With make-up he could pull off the role for quite a few more years. I'm voting yes on this but would be totally cool with Routh returning also

I  may be in the minority but I was already looking forward to the new Spidey but this Garfield character is warming his way into my heart. He doesn't sound to me like he's just patronizing the comic book fans to curry favor.

Transformers 3 looks like it's upping the ante on the mayhem and destruction. I'm just hoping it's 3D. Transformers in I-Max 3D yeah baby

Wiseguy 9/14/2010 7:05:41 AM

ElBaz, didn't think about the DC movieverse. Yeah, if they plan on integrating the DCU in film then they definitely need a younger Supes ala Routh. But being that Nolan is in charge that seems to be up in the air I think. 

Other than Routh, which probably won't happen if they're resetting Supes' world, I have no idea who should play the character.

Calibur454 9/14/2010 7:14:43 AM

Trying to portray spiderman as Shakesperian- is a little bit to much for my taste. I wont say anything until i see a trailer for it.

Superman- with the dark knight team writing the script I am at least now hopeful. the dark knight was very well done. As for who will play the big S I think ham could pull it off. If anyone has seen MadMen You know the guy has acting chops. I will agree with wiseguy on that part how tall you are really doesnt matter much nowadays.

Transformers 3- BLaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

monkeyfoot 9/14/2010 7:33:07 AM

Captain America: Why does Stan The Man have to do a cameo for this? As Wiseguy stated, every comic fan knows he didn't create him. It was Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. I'd love for them to sort of do a cameo of them. How? My idea is since Kirby & Simon were GIs in the European theater together, they could have two young actors play them making wisecracks and jeering Cap about his silly costume at one of the USO shows he does.

Superman Hamm: Yes, too old. Sorry. Manganiello obviously has the body for a superhero, but he might even be too big for my mental image of a real life Superman.

Transformers 3: Yeah, that run down Packard plant isn't a set . That's how it really looks minus the train.

krathwardroid 9/14/2010 7:52:59 AM

 Yeah, Hamm definitely has the look for Superman. I don't know. Tough call. I could see Routh or Welling playing Superman in the next movie, too. Either way, I'm sure it'll be good. 

Stan Lee's cameo in Captain America? What a shocker. :P

Well, as for Spider-Man, eh, whatever. I don't care what they do with this franchise at this point. 

krathwardroid 9/14/2010 7:56:27 AM

Hamm could be Superman. He has the look. Tough call. I could see Routh or Welling playing him in the new movie, too. Either way, it should be good.

Stan Lee's cameo in Captain America? What a shocker. :P

As for Spider-Man, eh whatever. I don't really care what they do with this franchise at this point. 

noahbody 9/14/2010 8:01:29 AM

Yes too old to begin the training.

Tashiro 9/14/2010 8:03:53 AM

Okay, looking at Hamm, I don't think he's too old.  Seriously, the guy's only 39.  Super heroes don't have to be in their twenties, and there's something to be said for super heroes who have, I don't know, lived a little?  Punisher?  Captain America?  Superman?  I can see them being older people -- don't give them gray hair or anything, but seriously, having them past their twenties isn't a bad thing!

Hell, Reed Richards should probably be in his 40s!

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