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death4sale 12/20/2012 12:16:34 PM

The fact that they are so young would make it a great move to kill one of them now. It would be a great WTF moment. Also, we are to assume this film picks up several years after the first and so Kirk and Spock's friendship has been developing offscreen. Since this is an alternate timeline, they can do whatever they want. Besides, if no one dies then why bring in Carol Marcus right now? Just to set her up as Kirk's baby mama? I think she's gonna start creating the genesis project in this film. Unless she dies in this film which would be interesting because that would mean no kid with Kirk and no genesis project which would alter things substantially. I'm confident that someone is gonna die in this film. Too much destruction in the trailer, that rings hollow if there aren't actual consequences.

Also, why are people still stipulating who Cumberbatch is playing? He's already said he's playing John Harrison, a one man weapon of mass destruction. I think his character is the son of William Harrison from TOS who was captured after his ship was abandoned. I don't think John Harrison is gonna be a pseudonym of any kind for Gary Mitchell or Khan, but I do think someone is pulling his strings. He seems pretty strong for some nobody. That's why I think he's one of Khan's genetically altered Supermen. There will be surprise in this film, I would suggest staying after the credits on this one.

vitieddie 12/22/2012 6:06:52 PM

 Am I wrong or is that a lens flare that is on the screenshot in the article ... it is horizontal and in line with the word "Trailer"? .... 

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