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Revised EXORCIST strong in 2nd place.

By Steve Biodrowski     September 26, 2000

As predicted, Urban Legends: Final Cut slashed its way to #1 over the slow weekend. The gross of $8.51-million was about $300,000 short of Monday's estimates, but that still put it ahead of The Exorcist. The re-release of the 1973 film earned $8.16-million, also $300,000 shy of yesterday's studio estimates. Nevertheless, that was an impressive amount of business for a film playing on only 664 screens. (For those of you who don't remember the '70s, the original release was on only 60 screens, back in the days when films opened in exclusive engagements in major markets before expanding into neighborhood theatres.)

Returning films felt the impact of the Olympics, with several dropping substantially. In 5th place, The Watcher, a borderline psycho-thriller, added $3.67-million to its $22.76-million total. Yesterday's apparent tie for 8th place was resolved when final figures revealed What Lies Beneath to be slightly above Space Cowboys. The supernatural thriller earned $2.19-million, raising its cume to $148.43-million; the Clint Eastwood film managed another $2.17-million in 9th place, for a total of $85.07-million.

Dropping out of the Top Ten was New Line's The Cell, which founds itself in the #11 slot with $1.60-million, elevating its gross to $57.43-million. The only other genre films to earn over $1-million were Scary Movie in 12th place with $1.21-million (total: $153.68-million) and Nutty Professor 2 in 13th place with $1.23-million (total: $120.00-million).

Below are the final figures for the weekend's box office Top Ten, plus any other science fiction, horror, and fantasy films to land in the Top Sixty.

U.S. Box Office Finals 9/22 to 9/24/2000
1.Urban Legends: Final Cut $8.51-million/$8.51-million
2.The Exorcist$8.16-million/$8.16-million
3.Almost Famous $6.93-million/$10.15-million
4.Bring It On$4.28-million/$56.00-million
5.The Watcher$3.67-million/$22.76-million
7.Nurse Betty$3.27-million/$18.03-million
8.What Lies Beneath$2.19-million/$148.43-million
9.Space Cowboys$2.17-million/$85.07-million
10.Woman on Top$2.01-million/$2.01-million
11.The Cell$1.60-million/$57.43-million
12.Scary Movie$1.31-million/$153.68-million
13.Nutty Professor 2$1.23-million/$120.00-million
21.Highlander: Endgame$647-thousand /$11.96-million
27.Bless the Child$306-thousand /$28.62-million
28.Chicken Run $293-thousand/$105.29-million
29.Hollow Man$280-thousand /$72-million
32.The Kid $239-thousand/$68.03-million
54.Mission Impossible II$182-thousand /$215.08 -million
40.Pokemon 2000 $113-thousand/$43.63-million
41.Cirque du Soleil Journey of Man$111-thousand /$6.91-million
42.Dinosaur $110-thousand/$136.48 -million
47.Girl on the Bridge$74-thousand /$1.21-million
48.Thomas and the Magic Railroad $71-thousand/$15.88-million
49.Alien Adventures$65-thousand /$2.93-million
51.Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle$64-thousand/$25.95-million
52.T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous$58-thousand /$34.47-million
57.Godzilla 2000$43-thousand/$9.79-million


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