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Valley of the Uglydolls

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder

By Anthony C. Ferrante     October 01, 2003

You won't find them at Target, even though one of them is named Target. They don't have their own TV show, but they do have an online comic strip. And although they live in Uglytown, deep down they're quite beautiful.

In a world where kids are told which toys to love, buy and worship, David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim have found a different way to make toys with tender loving care. As a result, their Uglydolls (plush creature-like dolls) are slowly making their imprint on collectors and children of all ages.

"A lot of people out there believe that money is the key to happiness, but we think that money is nerdy and love is what counts not the other way around," says Horvath. "So we are just having fun making these creatures, and we see that people are responding to them well. We are doing what the people at Mattel would be doing if they didn't have a boss who has to answer to another boss whose goal is to make money."


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