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By Rob M. Worley     August 07, 2009
Source: Mania

Comics2Film: Captain America
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Mark Valley says he's already got his 'Captain America' costume ready. Plus: 'Barbarella' gets a new writer. 'Smallville' adds wonderful guests? 'Lucky Luke' trailer online and more! Traveling to the future, one second at a time, it's your Comics2Film 9.8.7!



BARBARELLA Gets A New Writer

As the cycle on the long-churning 'Barbarella' development resets, the Hollywood Reporter tells us that the project has acquired a new screenwriter in one Jo Gazzam. He joins director Robert Luketic as the latest team to try to tame the notorious space vixen taken  from the pages of Jean-Claude Forest's sexy comics.

According to the article, the new film will eschew the campiness of the 1968 Jane Fonda movie, but will keep the sexuality and focus on adventure instead.

Gazzam most recently penned scripts for a film reboot of '21 Jump Street' and the comic-based 'CryptoZoo'.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Wonderful Guests Coming to SMALLVILLE?

KryptonSite reports SPOILERS for episode 5 of the new season of 'Smallville' including some intriguing guest stars. We'll post the synopsis in white text to protect those who wish to avoid SPOILERS. If you want to read it, swipe the text with your cursor.

According to KryptonSite, the episode will feature two teens who idolize the Blue Blur (Clark). These teens may, in fact, be Zan and Jayna, aka The Wonder Twins. KryptonSite reports that it is likely that we'll see them exercise their animal/water shape shifting ability inthe episode.

End of Spoilers...



Producer Explains Tweak to HUMAN TARGET Concept

Fans know well that there's a TV version of the DC/Vertigo comic 'Human Target' debuting on Fox this fall. The hook of the comic is that Christopher Chance is a master of disguise who could assume the identity of a client whose life is in danger, thus making himself the target. The TV show chose to go a different route, with Chance assuming a role near the target in order to protect them, the making guy near a target.

The change is understandable, given the dynamics of a weekly TV series, executive producer Jon Steinberg told

"The conceit works in print, but as soon as it becomes flesh and it becomes detrimental to the story," Steinberg said during the recent TCA tour. "How do we make this real? If there was a guy who did this job, how would he do it? How would he get into your life? It was clear to us, it was to create an action hero, that were like the ones I grew up with, Indiana Jones and John McClane. It's hard to fall in love with Indiana Jones if he looks like someone else every week."

Indeed, 'Human Target' struggled as a TV series in the early 1990s and in that one, leading man Rick Springfield had relatively little screen time as another actor would always play Chance in disguise as the target. The tweak to the concept is probably a good idea for such a show to succeed.



Valley Wants CAPTAIN AMERICA...Sort Of

Speaking of the 'Human Target', Mark Valley (star of that show) told the L.A. Times Hero Complex Blog that he's aware of fan buzz calling for him to be Steve Rogers in the 'Captain America' movie and is on board with the idea.

"Somebody showed me that. I was kind of blown away. The power of the Internet, you know? And there might be another reason: I’ve just been walking around in Captain America suits every once in a while on weekends," the actor joked. "I didn’t really think it would really go anywhere you know. That’s just a personal hobby of mine."

However he later tells blogger Geoff Boucher that he doesn't think there really is a 'Captain America' movie, seemingly unaware of Marvel's plan to have it in theaters in two years, the coupling with 'The Avengers' and the attachment of director Joe Johnston. When confronted with the notion that 'Captain America' is, in fact, a real project Valley seems to back peddle a bit.

"Oh, OK. We’ll see, maybe I’ll be too busy with 'Human Target.' But you never know how these things go..."

What do you think fans? Should Mark Valley try harder to be Captain America. Or is there a better candidate? Post your comments below...



LUCKY LUKE Teaser Trailer

And for fans of the Franco-Belgian cowboy comic 'Lucky Luke', here's the latest trailer from the French-language film. Visit the official website for higher quality versions...

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Routh Compares Dylan Dog Swagger with Han Solo

'Dead of Night' star Brandon Routh talked to MTV Splash Page about his take on the classic Italian comics character Dylan Dog. He likens the paranormal investigator to a certain 'Star Wars' character.

"That's what's cool about Dylan Dog, he's kind of like Han Solo," Routh said. "He just has his swagger and his charisma and his dour attitude sometimes that gets him through the day."

Check out the complete interview footage...

 Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.




/Film sat down with director James McTeigue and asked him to address recent comic book movies that the rumor-mill has attached his name to.

The 'Ninja Assassin' director is a frequent collaborator of the Wachowski Brothers, who were recently rumored to finally be turning their attention to 'Plastic Man', which McTeigue would possibly direct. However McTeigue said he'd be surprised if the movie ever got made. The Wachowskis wrote a script for it around ten years ago but they have never discussed it with the director.

The director also dismisses any talk that he's attached to 'X-Men Origins: Magneto', stating that he doesn't even know how that rumor got started.

Most recently, though, there's been talk that the Wachowski's would tackle the 'Superman' sequel/reboot/whatever. McTeigue's name was also dropped into the mix. The director's response to this rumor is the most interesting.

He said, "You know… I… I would say… I’ll keep you guessing, actually. It’s good not to dispel every rumor, right?"

What do you think, Maniacs? Admission via omission? Is McTeigue a good choice for Superman? If not him then who? Post your comments below...


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AntoBlueberry 8/7/2009 7:14:29 AM

Mark Valley may be a bit too old to be Captain America. On the other hand he's pitch perfect as Martin Mystere (or Mystery in the Dark Horse version).

Would he be in two different comic-book franchises?

OmegaDean 8/7/2009 7:20:00 AM

I personally would love o see mark Valley as Cap.  He's got enough of the presence to play and definately the look and demeanor

WarCry 8/7/2009 7:28:18 AM

If they make Plastic Man, there should be a law that requires them to hire Bruce Campbell....

SgtTechCom 8/7/2009 7:53:43 AM

Mark has that Cap Jaw definately. I dunno whoever gets the role is one lucky sob.


pilgram 8/7/2009 9:14:21 AM

Ultimate Cap is the only interpretation I want to see on the big screen. Valley is to old but ill reserve judgment on his acting chops. In Ultimate’s they draw the characters with actors in mind. That is how Jackson was cast as Nick Fury. If they follow the comic at least it would be Brad Pitt. I will not hold my breath that it is either a project he wants or they will pay for him.

jdnobody 8/7/2009 9:15:44 AM

Campbell as PASTIC MAN is brilliant!  I never thought I would say this, but I actually laughed a few times during the episodes when Plastic Man was on The Brave and the Bold.

I too would also like to see Mark Valley as Cap!  I wouldn't worry about the age thing...Downey is Tony Stark so there is no reason why Valley couldn't get the gig.



hanso 8/7/2009 9:17:04 AM

 Marvel shouldn't worry about, casting, just cast any random guy off the street, we will still show up on openin day.  Captain America should be played by Tony Jaa and his suit should be completely black cause that blue one he wears doesn't cut it now a days.  With Jaa we can get some FUN action in the movie.  So what if he ain't American, who cares you racist bastards.  The film must be fun first, accurate to the source should be the last thing they think about.

 I really hope they put absolutely no character development in Captain America and don't think twice about the plot of the film. IWho cares abou who or what Captainn America is or stands for right? I mean it's a summer film why waste time on that bullshit.  They need to just concentrate on some awesome CGI filled action sequences to make the movie really fun you know,  add some cheesy humor into the film to really make it shine.  Captain America fighting from start to finish, BOOM BOOM  POW!   Shit blowing up randomly throughout his fights, awesome and Fun if I say so myself.

Hopefully Marvel delivers because they really dropped the ball with Iron Man.  What the hell were they thinking having Tony Stark without Armor so long?  The beginning of the film I was bored out of my mind, not FUN at all.  Whole time I'm thinking screw Tony Stark, get to the suit already and kick some ass!

 Please Marvel, do the right thing with Captain America! 

pilgram 8/7/2009 9:22:03 AM

Bruce 20 years ago = Plastic Man
Jim Carey 10 years ago = Plastic Man
Today I cannot say who could do it.

pilgram 8/7/2009 9:27:57 AM

Downey is Tony yes, but he is not Iron Man (except in a few shots). Valley will be in a skintight costume having to appear physical (i.e. fight) and act in that costume. Very different from a CGI Iron Man battle

Hobbs 8/7/2009 9:38:50 AM

I don't know who Mark Velly is so could care less.  Hanso, me think you are trying to stir the hornet nest.  lol

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