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  • Age Rating: All
  • Region: All Region DVD
  • Released By: TOKYOPOP
  • MSRP: 14.98
  • Aspect Ratio: TPCD
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Princess Miyu

By Tiffani Nadeau     July 31, 2005
Release Date: August 23, 2001

Vampire Princess Miyu

What They Say
The sounds of Miyu's dark world are presented here in their fine, haunting beauty. The perfect companion to the Vampire Princess Miyu anime, currently being prepared for release by TOKYOPOP Anime, the Vampire Princess Miyu soundtrack explores traditional and contemporary Japanese folk music, and Kenji Kawai, the composer of "Ghost in the Shell" establishes dark moods that reflect Miyu's perpetual twilight between the human, demon and vampire worlds.

The Review!
This CD comes packaged up for the consumer with a small informative cover insert. The insert contains a song title list, a small synopsis of the series, as well as a brief description of the when’s of the television series. Included in the insert is also a note from the composer and credits for the CD. And don’t forget to check out the nice artwork included on each page.

This collection features a rare mix of European classical and Japanese folk that blends well into the Miyu world. The songs are mostly melancholy piano concertos that swamp the listener with the true feelings of an unusual thirteen-year-old girl. There are however a few upbeat tracks that keep your toes tapping. This reviewer thinks the tokyopop group succeeded in giving you a musical world that reflects the feelings of loneliness, misunderstanding, and dread that are the present themes in the Miyu series. Kudos to composer Kenji Kawai on a good blend of themes and sounds.

I ‘d have to say that this collection is good background music. It was sad and sorrowful, yet gave me the right amounts of suspense when I needed it.

Fangboy says…this one’s a good one for relaxing to, but if you’re into more upbeat tracks, this one isn’t your first choice.

Heart Beat of Shinma ,Subtitle ,Destined Catharsis ,The Devil's Hand ,The Flute of the Dark ,An Escape ,In Peace ,Friends ,I wanna see you ,Smile of ice ,The Promise ,The melody of the sadness ,Sepia Color Romance ,Supernatural Power ,Inexhaustible Treat ,Ripples ,The Sword of the Death Crystal ,Resoultion ,The Shadow of the Evil ,The Battle of the Shinma ,A Seal ,For the Feeling of love,The Song of a Round Ball ,The Sadness For the Lost Love ,A Whisper of the Flower Field ,A Female Buddhist ,A Waltz of a Puppeteer,The Killer Wind Song ,In the Time of the Kindness ,Suffer ,Assassin of the Sky ,A Beautiful Battle ,The Destiny ,Miyu Forever

Review Equipment
Composer of the Vampire Princess Miyu Official Soundtrack, Kawai is probably most well known for his work with anime legend Mamoruu Oshii. In addition to the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed Ghost in the Shell, Kawai scored the soundtracks to Patlabor 1 and 2 as well as for Oshii's upcoming first live action film Avalon. He has also worked on the scores for Ranma ½ and the Louie the Rune Soldier animated television series, currently airing in Japan.

Kawai studied music at the Shobi Music Academy, but quit after one semester. Then after forming the fusion rock band Muse, he seemed poised for stardom, but the band decided to separate because of creative differences and Kawai started composing music for video and TV commercials. In he composing the music for the radio actor Yuji Mitsuya's play, he collaborate with the musical director Naoko Asari who suggested he try working in the anime industry.


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