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Vanguard Raids Romita's Portfolio! (Revised)

Publisher Vanguard Productions offers a superb collection of John Romita Sr. artwork in November

By Arnold T. Blumberg     August 01, 2001
Source: Vanguard Productions

THE JOHN ROMITA SKETCHBOOK from Vanguard Productions offers an unprecedented look at the career of a living legend
© 2001 Vanguard Productions
One of the purest, happiest moments I have ever experienced as a comic book collector just took place at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, where some fifteen years after I first missed out on the opportunity, I was able to obtain a personal sketch of Gwen Stacy by my artistic hero, John Romita Sr. The definitive Spider-Man artist as far as I'm concerned, Romita is only now beginning to appreciate for himself what a legacy he has shaped for comic book readers and creators alike. Now Vanguard Productions is about to celebrate his career with a unique project that will surely draw the attention of all those who appreciate the artwork of this living legend.

THE JOHN ROMITA SKETCHBOOK, by J. David Spurlock with John Romita, will be released in a regular hardcover edition as well as a deluxe limited edition hardcover, signed and numbered by Romita himself. Featuring a 16 page "bonus portfolio," this particular edition will never be reprinted.

For many, Romita remains one of the towering giants of the Marvel Universe, having drawn every major Marvel character, including landmark runs on Daredevil, Captain America, Fantastic Four, and of course, Spider-Man. Serving as artist, plot consultant, and Senior Art Director, Romita was a regular fixture at Marvel for decades and even groomed a new generation of creators under the apprentice program, "Romita's Raiders."

THE JOHN ROMITA SKETCHBOOK will give readers and connoisseurs of comic book art an unparalleled look at the breadth and scope of Romita's career, with superhero and advertising material reproduced alongside unpublished personal works and good girl art. The book will showcase hundreds of vintage, new and unpublished drawings, offering plenty of surprises even for those who think they know Romita's work well.

Stan Lee himself has this to say about Vanguard's celebration of Johnny "Jazzy" Romita:

"This is more than a book of drawings. It's a testament to the awesome talent of the legendary John Romita, Sr., one of the most brilliant visual story tellers of our time. He is truly a quintessential comic book artist, as the pages of this book so graphically testify."

'Nuff said.

Both editions will be available in November 2001, and both include a wrap-around dustjacket, bonus essay and a gold-foil embossed leatherette cover. The regular edition will retail for $27.95, while the limited edition will retail for $39.95.


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