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PUNISHER WAR ZONE on DVD (Article) - 3/17/2009 11:14:43 AM

Age: 27


Director: David Mamet

Marvel is in the habit of hiring big names for their movies these days, so why not have Mamet do a punisher film? He's done grim and gritty, and he's done action, so why not take Punisher in a slightly different direction?

Top 10 Anime Christmas Episodes To Watch (Article) - 12/19/2008 7:28:02 AM

<p>&nbsp;Tolyo Godfathers isn't an episode, cheater! The Top List board of directors is going to hear about this one.</p>

Mumbling Kitsune: What's Wrong With the Dragon Ball Live-Action Trailer? (Article) - 12/17/2008 9:53:12 PM

<p>I'm probably the most positive about this movie. Like any other comic book adaptation, changes are made for the sake of adapting a story drawn out of years of continuity to make the movie palpable for a larger audience.  think that if anyone wants to see the young adventures of Goku, that's kinda crazy. . It would work for live action, without a doubt, but there is so much story to tell about young Goku alone. <br /> To accurately tell the story properly, you would need about 6 movies to tel it all. I think that merging the history together is OK. <br /> <br /> However, the wire-fu is giving me pause. I don't imagine that Goku is an agile guy. Goku always seemed like a direct guy, just hand-to-hand fighting rather than using slick acrobatic maneuvers.<br /> <br /> <br /> Also, I HMATBE< the new name of the movie, but I tink that it's to separate the anime/manga from this unknown quantity that could either be its own success or a total disaster. It gives this movie distance from the mega success of Dragonball and Z. Hanso, what you said scaes me. I always think that a bad adaptation keeps people away from something they might have liked. DRagonball isn't shakespeare, but it was a great early anime for most anime fans.

TV Wasteland: Let the LOST and Heroes Comparisons Begin (Article) - 11/13/2008 2:50:16 AM

<p><em>Lost </em>is the better show- period. I am a fan of both, and I have watched every episode of both. <em>Lost </em>is better written and better acted. Heroes' problem is that they did not go beyond their &quot;leaping off the pages of a comic book&quot; premise. They wallowed in what comics have done or are doing, but they didn't bring many fresh ideas to the genre. </p> <p>I have not had nearly as many moments that got me emotional (nearly crying, being shocked, being happy) with <em>Heroes </em>as I did with <em>Lost</em>. My test of whether a show is good or not (besides the writing) is whether the show gets me wrapped up in the story it's telling. Heroes could be telling a great story, but they're just not trying. It's OK&nbsp;for a geek show, to watch people have super powers, but beyond that I feel nothing.</p> <p>I hope that the firing of two people in the Heroes crew means something, because I really want to see <em>Heroes </em>come back, and become better than it ever was.</p>

Adult Swim Bolsters Anime Offerings (Article) - 11/6/2008 6:44:33 PM

<p>It's a step in the right direction. Put the classics and older shows on later and the new shows up first. I'm glad CN didn't abandon anime. </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I would like multiple showings, though.</p>

Fox Unveils New Trailer for Whedon's DOLLHOUSE (Article) - 11/6/2008 6:33:05 PM

<p>So, by &quot;tweaking,&quot; Whedon meant sexing up the show? This looks like they wanted to focus on straight up action and getting some suggestive sexuality into what Whedon originally wanted to do. I just hope it's good.</p>

Mendes to give voice to PREACHER feature (Article) - 10/31/2008 7:49:52 AM

<p>I would just hope and pray that Preacher is put into good hands and is not bastardized to the point that it's completely neutered and indistiguishable from the book.</p>

Samuel L. Jackson Goes for Glow in THE LAST DRAGON (Article) - 10/31/2008 7:30:32 AM

<p>Was he picked just because he has that crazy looking hair in Frank Miller's version of <em>The Spirit</em>?</p>

Howard calls getting Cheadled the "Surprise of a lifetime" (Article) - 10/19/2008 10:49:46 AM

<p>I feel like protesting this sequel, but I loved<em> Iron Man</em> too much too! How are they going to explain this? Are they just going to act like one black man looks like a totally different looking black man and continue on? I bet when I see this sequel in theaters, there will be a few people who are suprised that Howard is gone. </p> <p>I don't see Cheadle as a guy in an action role. Funny, because that's what people would say about Robert Downey Jr. I know Cheadle's been in that terrorism movie recently, but for me, Cheadle's an actor in dramas, maybe a light comedy. I don't see Cheadle doing the cliche &quot;Whoo hoo&quot; when he puts on that War Machine suit. I think Cheadle's closer to how James Rhodes looks, but he doesn't seem like someone who would put up with Tony Stark's antics.</p> <p>Maybe if I wake up tommorow, everything will go back to the way it was before.</p>

MY OWN WORST ENEMY: Breakdown (Article) - 10/16/2008 8:15:11 AM

<p>After seeing the first episode, I don't think it'll be appointment TV for me. I like that the promos leading up to the show don't reveal that the whole dual personality program is already screwed up. I don't know how long they can hold onto this premise and where they could go with it. Is Henry always going to be in danger because he can't defend himself? Will Henry have to get trained to protect himself while Edward is &quot;asleep?&quot; Will the personalities merge?</p> <p>I like the premise quite a bit, but the writing is what I want to be there, and it's not, really. I can buy Christian Slater as an action hero, but the writing has to make me feel for his fake personality, this Henry guy.</p>


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