The Video Game Designing Process -

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The Video Game Designing Process

By Andie Francese     -
Source: Applied Game Design

The Idea

The game design process begins with an idea, just like a book or a movie. The designer is often the creative lead who comes up with the plot line that the entire game will revolve around. For example, if a designer wants to make a game where the main character must restore order, he or she will come up with a plot to fit that end point. The game's levels and play are developed from that plot idea, and characters are also created to fit the designer's vision.


Prototyping involves a very basic and early version of the game. During prototyping, the designer can see how the game is going to work and tweak the rules, the plot line and player dynamics to work more efficiently. An early prototype will change several times before it goes to inception. The main point of prototyping is to get a general idea of how the game will work.


Once the game design has been worked out, and the narrative, plot and level designs have been fleshed out, the game is programmed and designed based on those elements. Often, the design lead will work with the program lead to determine the feasibility of the design and alter the game if necessary. Not all concepts are feasible, so there are almost always alterations of the design during the conceptualization phase.


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