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Agentman1031 8/29/2009 4:10:50 AM

I'm a loyal fan of sony period. There are more Ps3 only titles that interest me than  Xbox 360. Like I wouldn't give a hoot if all production on Gears of Wars 3 just halt. Don't get me wrong I had fun playing Gears 2... really I did but, I just dont care about it. Most of the Ps3 games that appeal to me have a soild story(hint, hint) to it. The Gears and a few other xbox titles don't draw me in making me care about the characters. There is one Xbox title that I can't wait to get a hold of and thats Splinter Cell Conviction. I'm not the greatest fan of THE BOX but, hey I know a good game when I see one! YAY for Sam Fisher! Guess I'm a hater cause I hate the fact that METAL GEAR SOLID 5 is also gonna be on the 360. Hey, I seen a trailor for Socom Fire Team Bravo on PSP do anyone know if they are planning one for Ps3. I seen it's gonna feature 4 player online co-op!



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